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inFashion, WordPress Fashion Blog and Journal Theme



Welcome to inFashion, a high quality lifestyle, fashion blog and journal theme for WordPress.

Writers of all sorts, no matter what you are writing about, you certainly know that you want an attractive website that does its best to present your content in the right way. That includes not overshadowing your written content with a design that is over the top. This theme strikes the perfect balance between simple and elegant, sophisticated and highly legible. Things like this don’t come along every day, that’s why we have chosen to review it to ensure that it is of the high-quality that you expect when you come to Top Notch themes. We do everything that we can to make sure these themes are well-supported, well-designed and user-friendly. They all deliver the type of user experience that you require as a writer.

In terms of the style of this team, it is very clean and simple, minimalist and understated. That means that your content will certainly be the star of the show. Sometimes, themes do a little too much in terms of adding over the top design and overshadowing your written material. If you’re creating an online Journal, you certainly want your text to be Center Stage. Well this seem is basically a journal theme at heart, it does a great job of presenting your images to. Overall, it’s the perfect marriage between visual style and straightforward, written communication.

InFashion, WordPress Journal Theme

To see some more great WordPress themes that are similar to this one, you’ll definitely want to have a look at our full collection of Journal WordPress themes. That collection is the absolute best in the business, nobody has found more amazing Journal themes than top-notch. We continue to add to all of our collections constantly, ensuring that you have a fine selection of themes to fit your needs. No matter what type of writer you are, poet or author, novelist or bloggers, there’s something for you in that collection. We will be back shortly with even more fantastic themes, so stay tuned.

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