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Jannal – Just another WordPress site

I have rarely seen a WordPress team that was so image specific as this one. Jannal is a charismatic and mesmerizing theme. That’s according to the theme developer. And what makes it so charismatic and mesmerizing? Well, it’s the fact that it is purposely built for custom blinds, curtains, window coverings and Furniture websites. I can’t honestly say that I’ve seen the theme so dedicated to Window Coverings, but hopefully the developer has found a niche that is going to be lucrative for them.

I always root for relatively small developers and ones that go out of their way to create unique, different themes that aren’t in a niche that is overly saturated. I mean, how many different minimalist WordPress themes do you really need? The answer is a lot, which is why we have created a large collection of them. Check that out if you want to see some of the absolute best minimalist themes anywhere.

You paragraph back to theme theme at hand though. The theme says that it can give your potential clients are really polished, fresh and unique design making for a fantastic user experience. This theme is a bill to draw your visitors attention in and keep them mesmerized. I guess that’s why they say the same is so charismatic? Each and every section on the page templates was created only after a great deal of research and it was designed with enthusiasm. I’m not sure that you can really tell the difference between unenthusiastic design and one that is not so enthusiastic, but I’ll leave that up to you.

This theme offers 10 different unique Pages, homepage, I’m about page, the team page, service page and service details Pages, frequently asked questions, pricing, history, a delightful looking for Shop theme and a contact page. This theme has everything it takes to build a great blinds and curtains eCommerce site. I sort of am surprised at just how specific this theme is, but then again, there is a store in my hometown that sells nothing but lamp shades. There’s another one that sells nothing but light bulbs. So, I guess if those businesses needed on a web page, maybe they would be out of luck if somebody hadn’t taken the time to create such a hyper specific template.

Jannal WordPress Theme for Selling Blinds and Curtains

Other things that you might be interested in, our collection of business themes. We have gathered up quite a number of outstanding tablets that I think look for a wide variety of businesses. Including surprisingly, window coverings and lampshade businesses. Oh yeah, even that lightbulb shop that I told you about.

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