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Jason, vCard Theme with Colorful Design



Jason is a clean design and clean design means happy readers.  At least that’s what the developer says.  I’ll be willing to believe them if I get a little bit more information, which is always the approach I take.  With that said, let’s take a deeper look at Jason.

The theme developer describes Jason as being a colorful blog theme and I suppose that I can’t disagree with that assessment too much. In addition, I think that this theme would work just as well as a vCard or personal portfolio. No matter how you want to use it, I think that is going to help you provide a great user experience and it will help to get all of the most important content across to your readers in a timely and efficient manner. Jason looks to be very simple to set up and easy to customize, giving you the right type of platform for putting your best foot forward.

The Jason theme was released in June of 2019, making it one of the freshest themes anywhere.  I really do like the overall design of this template, the typography is sharp and clear, the navigation is easy to manage and all of that helps deliver a wonderful user experience.

Jason displays all of your images and content beautifully, no matter what type of device your visitors are using to access your side. That is because the design is purely responsive, built from the ground up to work right for all types of devices. This theme features are really clean archive page that displays your latest posts, let’s visit or sort through those posts by month, category or tag. Developer says that this acts as a sort of sitemap, although I really don’t think that you should rely simply on the archived page to let do spiders know what type of content you are offering.

Jason was built using the underscores framework, certainly one of my favourite Frameworks for helping create a really great-looking web template. Underscores themes 10 to load up fast and, of course, they look great on all devices, thanks to that perfect responsive design. It’s built into underscores itself, it’s impossible to build a theme using underscores without it being perfectly responsive.

One other features that Jason offers, a GPL license. That’s a fresh and cool thing to have, meaning that this theme, like WordPress itself, is perfectly open source. I think that pixel grade, the developer, has a really big hit on their hands. They have sold nearly 50,000 themes in total and I see no reason why this one should not join the long list of successful templates that they have released so far. The vast majority of themes that they have created has been quite popular and very well received. Time will tell with this one, but I think that I will end up recommending it even more in the future or that I do currently.


Jason, Colorful WordPress vCard Theme

Clean, mobile friendly and responsive.  That’s a nice combination.

If you’re looking for more great themes like this one, we have several different collections that may be of interest to you. Check out our GPL license themes here and our personal blog themes here. No matter what theme you choose in any of our collections, you are going to receive a fabulous theme that is easy to use, easy to manage and it’s going to help make your life a whole lot easier. We only select the absolute best themes out there and everyone is reviewed for Quality, ensuring that you get a great user experience and that your readers get the same, consistent and professional look and feel on each and every page that they visit.

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