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Kette, WordPress Theme for Personal Trainers and Gymnasiums



Kette, WordPress Gym and Training Theme

Ideal for gyms, fitness centers, yoga studios and personal trainers, Kette is a theme with four different demo Pages, timetable and scheduling options, class schedules, even a body mass index calculator.

I’m not exactly sure what the name Kette  is supposed to mean, Perhaps it is short for Kettle ball? You know, those heavy weights with the handles that you see some people using at Jim’s. I have never really understood how to use one, so I doubt. But, those in the know, know how to use them. I’m sure. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be there. Right?

Anyway, Kette is pretty cool for a fitness theme.

This template includes a drag-and-drop page builder, full support for WooCommerce and I really love the overall style of this theme. Great for sports clubs, health clubs, fitness centers, personal trainers going with sports and health-related clubs and gyms, this theme has a purpose oriented design that has tons of features to make your life just a little bit easier. While it is not the most popular WordPress theme, I think sometimes that can be a good then. That means that it’s not overused and not every other gym in town is going to have the same look and feel as your page. Anyway, here’s a look at the front page. Mind is just one of four different options for your front page.

Kette, Gym and Fitness WordPress Theme

That just about does it for this theme review of Kette, I hope you enjoyed what you have read. If you’d like to look at some additional WordPress Fitness themes, we’ve got a collection that is right up your alley. You gathered up quite a number of great themes for WordPress paste sites that are all about Fitness, Sports, gymnasiums, athletic training and all around healthy lifestyle templates and websites for or whatever you want to build. What do you want to build, anyway?  We will be back shortly with more outstanding themes, stay tuned to see what we come up with next.

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