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Kidz Store, eCommerce WordPress Theme for Children



Kidz Store WordPress Theme

This cute theme is called Kidz Store.  Guess what it’s about?  Products for kids!  How original, right?

If you’re creating an itch store to sell kids products, this is a good choice. It’s got fun and Whimsical design that I think could be appealing to children and their parents alike. Now, I’ve got to admit that this theme is a bit out of date. It’s been on the market for over half a decade now, which is a very long time in World of Warcraft. That said, Templatic, the theme developer, does a good job of updating their themes. But, I do feel like there might be more apt solutions for your problems out there.

With this theme, you can sell digital or physical products and do it with ease. Pretty much anything, anything you can think of. There are different product types, the theme itself is totally Widgetized and there are product attributes on every product. I don’t know how other alert to explain that. You can manage shipping and receipt of products, there’s a catalog mode, you can manage Affiliates & taxes. No matter what types or you want to create, I think.

Kidz Store, Children Friendly WooCommerce Theme

If you’d like to see some more themes for kids, check out this collectionHere are some other eCommerce themes with the flexibility to adapt to any usage, even selling products for children.  That’s it for now, we’ll be back shortly with more great WordPress themes.  Have a great day!

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