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Kinetika, FullScreen WordPress Creative Agency Theme



If you are trying to find ways to improve your portfolio website, you should opt for a WordPress theme such as Kinetika. This is a versatile theme that will help you make a lasting impression on your visitors and clients, as well as on any prospective employers.

Kinetika comes correct with the WooCommerce plugin, and so it facilitates the creation of a great online store. I mean, that’s why it’s an eCommerce plugin, right?  Yep.  With it you will be able to sell your products and services. Kinetika allows your content to be viewed on a high resolution Retina display and it is compatible with most web browsers. Kinetika is completely responsive with any device, be it a laptop, desktop, smartphone or tablet. Resizing errors were seen to so that now it is completely compatible with any device.

Let’s have a look at some of the designs that are possible with Kinetika.  First, a nice looking theme with dark background and a spot to embed videos.  Making sure your video can be viewed distraction free is a big part of making the right impression with your viewers.  Kinetika never forgets that fact.

Another full screen video image.  Groovy.

Kinetika Fullscreen Video an Photography WordPress Theme

This one is the full-screen photography studio sample.

Kinetika, WordPress Phoography Portfolio Theme

The photo wall is a fun way to present your images.  I love a masonry design portfolio and it’s so easy to use, you don’t even have to crop and resize images, it’s all done by the magic of WordPress.

Kinetika, WordPress Photography Theme

And finally, another photography studio look.  All around, this theme gives you a ton of flexibility and that could be just what the doctor ordered for your website.  Beautiful images go a long way to making your site look great though, so be sure you pick some good ones.

With Kinetika you will also be able to create a multilingual site since it has the WPML plugin integrated. So your portfolio can be translated to any language, making it easier for foreign clients to check it out. Your content can be showcased in an enticing way thanks to the full screen slideshows, which can support pictures, videos and text formats. There are both light and dark color versions for you to choose from and they are both great. You will also find that there are numerous header variations, as well as a translucent menu option. With Kinetika you can also make use of event posts where you can include information such as event dates, locations and any updates or teasers.

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