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Knowhere Pro, Classified Directory WordPress Theme



I don’t really have a ton to say about this WordPress theme, I don’t find the design of it to be particularly attractive, though I’m not sure what sort of design a directory theme could have that would make me jump up and take notice. So, perhaps this theme is good enough.

Here’s what the developer says about Knowhere Pro.

Knowhere Pro is most complex directory WordPress theme that covers the following niches: restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, sightseeings, malls, museums and galleries, hair and beauty salons, other places of activity, job search and search for employees classified ads, etc.. We created TOP-5 popular directory directions such as City portal with restaurants and activities, Sell/Buy Property Directory for Realtors, Job Finder portal for Headhunters, Recruiters, and Hiring Managers, Classified Directory for Free and Paid ads. The variety of page blocks and sections allow you to create any type of directory details page. It’s universal start for creating your own ideal directory website.

We’re still working on building our collection of directory themes, so I don’t really have anything going to at this point. We still hope that you’ve enjoyed this template and will be back soon too add more directory themes to our collection. Just as soon as we create it. I’m slipping.

Knowhere Pro Multipurpose Classified Directory WordPress Theme

Okay, we created it!  Here’s our collection of WordPress directory themes, great for…swell directories, I guess?

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