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Koop, MultiPurpose Theme with Social Network Feed

September 18, 2018

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This is Koop, a theme that seems to believe that social media and networking is about the most important thing in building a website.  Of course for some, that’s probably absolutely true.  For some sites, for internet celebrities, for social networking icons, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter, those may as well be on Mt. Rushmore.  What Koop does is this, it allows you to build a page with a specially made social feed plugin that combines all your social network feeds into one spot, a single network stream.  That is you can create a single feed for multiple social network profiles.  Like, for example, you can aggregate every feed from your company or build feeds for other special purposes.

This isn’t to be confused with BuddyPress themes, where you can sort of create your own social network.  That’s different.

Responsive Design

Koop is 100% responsive, meaning your website will be perfectly optimized for every browser, device and screen size.

Custom Page Templates

Choose from a selection of pre-made templates to build your site, including full width pages and contact forms.

Multiple Post Types

Create a content-rich blog and utilize the custom styling for articles, galleries, quotes, videos, and audio clips.

Multiple Blog Layouts

From the Theme Customizer you can choose to display a single column blog layout or a three-column masonry layout.


This WordPress theme is retina-ready, meaning your large, high-resolution images will look great on any screen or browser.

Theme Customization

Use the Theme Customizer to tailor the your site. Simply enter your preferred options and Koop will make the change.

demo.themewizz.com-Koop – Just another WordPress Sites site

I love the possibilities with Koop.  Here are the various social feeds you can integrate into your site.  Twitter, with tweets, replies and retweets.  Instagram with user video or photo posts.  Facebook, public user or page posts.  There’s Dribbble, team or user posts.  YouTube, add videos from a playlist.  Pinterest, include user or board pins.  Flickr, page photos or user photos and finally, WordPress, where you can include the latest blog posts.

What else can we say about Koop?  It’s brand new in November of 2017, it’s completely responsive, Retina display ready, easy to customize with multiple post types and custom page templates and multiple different blog layouts.

That’s a pretty big way to get the most out of your social networking.

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