Lark Theme – WordPress Magazine & Blog Theme
LarkTheme, ThemeLark. Same difference.

This theme is called Lark.  This theme, Lark is a simple, minimalist style theme for WordPress, it’s incredibly clean, the typography is crystal clear, it’s simple to use and packed with about a million features that help make it work for nearly any occasion.  For personal blog sites, Lark looks the part and offers the features that any blogger could need.  WordPress lifestyle blogs, WordPress travel blogs, they’re all going to look amazing.

Let’s see what the developer, Mondo, has to say about their Lark theme.

Lark is a premium magazine and blog theme which has clean and modern look. When your readers visit your blog, beautifully designed featured posts slider will attract their eyes first. Then they will scroll through well-structured posts. You can put our custom widgets in sidebar and footer area. At the end of posts, eye-catching Instagram feed will be waiting for your visitors. Also your readers won’t be distracted by the sticky navigation bar, because it is hidden while scrolling to bottom and appears on scrolling to top which is handy.

Nicely described, I get a really solid picture of what this theme has to offer.  Now then, let’s have a look.

The Lark Theme is a modern marvel, it’s like something the Flintstones could never have imagined. Sort of?

It’s simple, it’s completely different than some themes.  You’re going to either love or hate that small text headline, I think. It looks easy enough to change, but some bloggers are going to simply be turned off by that.  If you’re running an online site using a WordPress magazine theme, you want it to be big, bold, attract attention.  Does that little tiny text do that?  Not for me.  But hey, throw a logo up there and you’re good to go.  That’s sort of what we did with our free Quartz theme.

Here’s a peek at Lark Shop.  Simple, modern, stylish but not crazy, simple but not boring.  I should have saved this for the image caption.  For more WooCommerce WordPress themes, we’ve built a collection to satisfy the hungriest of WooCommerce beasts. New Post ‹ Theme It — WordPress ThemeLark
Lark gets the job done. What job you ask? The job of looking awesome, the only job that matters.

What else does Lark do?  Well, aside from delicious WooCommerce goodness, there’s a built in reviews system.  Yep, this is a full featured WordPress reviews theme and you can use it for any sort of reviews, because the design is simple, clear-cut, user friendly, easy to navigate and most of all, flexible.  Lark gives youa  gorgeous, stunning and beautiful featured posts slider, there are normal, sticky and sticky/transparent navigation bars, so you can mix it up if you want.  Fluid and mobile friendly, Lark works great on laptops, notebooks, mobile devices and desktops too, of course.

Social networking?  Aye Aye captian, Larktheme has sidebar and footer widget areas for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest feeds.  Mondo, that’s the theme’s developer, even includes a handful of great custom widgets for displaying images from 500px, Flickr and Instagram, Facebook posts, Dribbble projects and a bunch more.

Lark hasn’t been reviewed a ton yet, but it does sport a perfect 5 star rating so far.  I can see why too, this theme is easy to use, it looks great, it’s full featured and it’s the perfect platform to weave a rich tapestry of content for all the world to see, love and cherish forever.

Or something.  Lark does look good though.

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