Larry Personal and Professional WordPress Business Card Theme
Larry here is a very professional vCard template, stylish and simple, user-friendly and feature filled. Get back to work Larry!

Simple and stylish, Larry is one of the newest vCard themes we’ve reviewed and it’s a really big hit.  V Card design is big business these days and that’s why Larry has proven to be so popular in just the first few weeks on the market.  Larry is modern, he’s handsome, he’s suitable for a personal blog, personal website, portfolio for designer or freelancer and many other websites.  Wait, are we still talking about people?

Visual Composer is overdone, but Larry uses it to it’s full advantage, wringing every bit of functionality and performance out of every feature.  The code quality is excellent, really high standards were employed in creating this theme.  Larry was developed by professionals and they’ve kept the end user in mind during the entirety of the development process.  That means this theme works well for all uses.  Since it’s so flexible, you can drag and drop your way to the ideal layout, no matter if you’re using Larry as a standard personal blog, a portfolio or a business site.  That’s handy dandy.

Powerful theme options don’t have you guessing as to how to customize this theme, it’s all very easy to use and straightforward.  Unlimited colors are a delightful feature, the support is dedicated and effective too.  With over 30 sales in just the first few months, Larry isn’t a massive hit, but it’s not incredibly unpopular either.  It’s a nice blend, the theme works well but it’s not going to look like tons of other sites because it’s too popular, you know?

Look on the bright side!

I’ve looked into the support setup, it looks pretty good, to be honest.  I think I an absolutely recommend this theme wholeheartedly.

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