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Leedo, Colorful and Creative WordPress Portfolio Theme

This theme is called Leedo and of course, that reminds me of a song I really like called the Lido Shuffle, which was written and performed by Boz Skaggs.

Wanna hear it while you read about Leedo?

Now that has absolutely nothing to do with this theme, the spellings are completely different, but I’m just saying that it reminds me of that. I’m not really sure what Lido Shuffle is supposed to be about, it’s about a guy driving around Chicago I think maybe getting drunk. Something, some gambling, something like that. A drifter looking for a big score, basically.  Anyway, this theme has nothing to do with that as I have already mentioned. But if you’re looking to score a great looking WordPress theme, Leedo’s colorful and crisp, flat and creative style could be what you’re looking for.

Leedo is responsive and modern, it’s professional and highly functional. It uses the newest techniques and Technologies, clean code and a well-organized optimization setup to allow you to create a fully responsive immersive WordPress experience. There are a dozen different homepage Styles and a highly visual portfolio, all combined with seven different blog Styles. Leedo has a little something for everyone. This theme is WooCommerce ready, allow you to set up a great looking online shop.  For more WooCommerce themes, our full collection is obviously a great starting spot.

Before I get too far into this review, here’s a look at the front page. Again, this is one of the Dozen different from page styles that you can choose from.

Leedo – Modern, Colorful & Creative Portfolio WordPress Theme

If you’d like to see some more great looking flat WordPress themes, you might be interested in our full collection of templates that we have gathered up over the last few months. We aim to have the biggest and best theme collections anywhere, so if you see something or website, you’ll know that it is a high-quality offering. Will be back shortly with even more great WordPress themes, so stay tuned for

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