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LifeCycle, WordPress Theme for Celebrating Marriage



LifeCycle WordPress Theme for Birthdays, Events and Weddings

Almost the last thing that you want to think about when thinking about your wedding is the cycle of life, that’s why I’m not sure why they’ve taken the unusual step to naming their wedding theme LifeCycle. It’s kind of disturbing on what is supposed to be your happiest day ever, to think about death. But, that’s what exactly what this themes developer wants you to think about I suppose. Now, this theme does have some good things going for it, despite the Hall of Fame level terrible name, it’s a 100% responsive and multi-purpose theme, it has a touch supported slider and tough supported Carousel as well. There is a built-in demo importer so that you can establish your website quickly and efficiently and that will save you time. Considering the fact that this theme is trying to remind you of your imminent death, that might be very handy for you.

Lifecycle, Multipurpose Wedding Theme and Blog

Okay, all joking aside, though. That said, it does have an extended theme options panel that is white label and unbranded in every way. There is a visual composer included, a front-end and back-end drag-and-drop page builder that helps you create a fantastic-looking website that is flexible. With multiple languages supported, including right-to-left languages, this extensively documented, widget WordPress theme is responsive and multi-purpose. This flexible template offers fantastic support and a lot of style, so I think it could be a pretty decent option for a wedding website. That said, I really don’t recommend it, it’s sort of ugly. So, if you’d like to see some templates for WordPress. I’m pretty sure that we have the biggest and best collection of wedding WordPress themes that have acceptable names and plenty of features, not to mention beautiful stop. I think you’ll probably be happier with one of those things instead of this one.

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