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LINX – Just another LINX Network site

We’ve found another awesome blog theme for personal websites.  This is it, it’s called Linx.

This is a Blog and magazine combination theme that is easy to customize and it features a modern, Sleek Style that is all about your content. Helping to present your content in a professional, thoughtful ways what this template strives to do and I believe it is pulled it off. Using any of the pre-made demos is one option, but you can start from scratch as well. Install the theme, fool around with the settings a bit and you can create a unique style and get blogging immediately. No matter what the style of blog you’re creating, or travel, lifestyle or personal, fashion or beauty, this theme has a little something for everyone. Purchasers have graced this theme of the perfect 5-star rating, singling out customer support and design quality among other things, as some of the best in the category.

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The theme is beautiful, clean and fast. It has everything that you could possibly need for any type of personal Blog. The updates are constant and active, the developers are clearly keeping up the hard work to provide the newest, freshest features. In terms of user support, the developer is on point. Users of the Linx theme have had a few minor issues and the support staff has gone out of their way to ensure that everything runs as smoothly as possible. So, I think this theme is well worth taking a long look at if you need a fantastic personal blog template.

LINX, Personal Blog WordPress Theme

So, that is look at this gorgeous, elegant and stylish personal Blog theme. If you like it, we would love to know all about it. If you have used it, we would particularly enjoy hearing your personal review. With as many things as there are out there, we continue to strive to find the absolute best and we want to make sure that everything that we recommend is actually as good as it looks. So, please let us know if you have personal experience with this template so that we can broaden our Horizons of WordPress theme reviews.

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