If you’re looking for an amazing hosting company, then LiquidIO may be what you’ve always wanted.  We’re here to review what LiquidIO has to offer.  Now, you may have heard of this company referred to as BlueHost, but I can assure you, their original name was Liquid IO.  But that’s all in the past and we’re not going to talk about that.

For hosting, what do you want?  You want a hosting company that’s fast, one that’s reliable and user friendly.

That’s LiquidIO.  Guaranteed.

With this theme, you get a reliable host that’s going to help your site become all that it can be.  The great thing about fast hosting, it’s not about what it does for you, it’s about what their rivals can do to hurt you.

Let me explain.

Slow hosting can really hurt your SEO efforts, which is why I always choose the best hosting plans I possibly can choose.  LiquitIO, and their partners at BlueHost, are host providers that can really make sure your website loads fast and looks great at all times.

This is the parent company behind LiquidIO.  They have a lot to say about their child company and this is the beginning of that statement.

Liquid allows you to collect data electronically and store it in one central place. You analyze and share your data simply and safely. It is complete data management.

Interesting.  Now, the description of what Liquid IO has to offer:

Liquid I/O is a Hosting & Managed IT Services Company. Our primary focus is on High Performance WordPress Hosting, Managed VPS Hosting, and Cloud Hosting. Services include various types of WordPress Hosting, Cloud Servers, Server Management, and Dedicated Servers. We feel that we offer the best performance, reliability, and affordability for all of our hosted and managed solutions.

WordPress Products & Services

Our WordPress Hosting platform is a customized WordPress environment that has been pre-tuned for speed, reliability, and features. Unlike traditional WordPress hosting, we fully manage the system. This means that we support, troubleshoot, and maintain the back end. This ensures the best stability while providing you with a hands-off approach to managing your WordPress blog.

Managed WordPress Dedicated And Virtual Servers

If you’ve outgrown traditional hosted WordPress systems, we offer fully managed Virtual and Dedicated Servers. These powerful servers with the custom Liquid I/O configuration are able to handle several hundred thousand hits a month. Some of the best and most powerful configurations are able to handle more than 700,000 hits a day. That’s more than 15,000,000 hits a month! Those 6 zeros are not a typo. These very high performance systems are incredibly fast and feature our custom blend of hardware and software.


We guarantee you 100% network and server uptime on all of our hosted WordPress services. This includes our incredibly fast WordPress Hosting, VPS Servers, and even our Managed Dedicated Servers. Our primary and premium Tier 3+ datacenter is located near the heart of Chicago, IL and is on the same power grid as the Chicago Department of Homeland Security. For the last three years there have been absolutely no facility or network outages.


We utilize high end equipment to deliver incredible performance. We build our servers with top of the line Intel Xeon CPU’s and reliable ECC memory. We plan each node to include fast SATA-III SSD drives for web and high performance enterprise grade 10k disk for mass storage. Each server has a dedicated 1Gbps internet connection to multiple 10G circuits upstream to ensure ridiculous amounts of bandwidth are available for our customers.


We take pride in our premium consumer and business class offerings. Our goal is to offer solid solutions with a unique approach. We believe that performance, affordable prices, and high levels of reliability are indeed possible. With these goals we plan to take reliability, performance, scalability, and unique products to a new level. Our ideas are simple, yet powerful.


All American support engineers are available via our online ticketing system 24/7, 365. We are available for questions and technical support seven days a week. We are very proud of this and consider it a driving force behind our products.


Now, all you need is a WordPress theme to go with your hosting.  We recommend these simple, clean minimalist themes for fast loading websites.  If you’re selling products, then a WooCommerce compatible theme could be what you need.  Creatives who want to showcase your portfolio with WordPress have their own set of options too.  And don’t forget, video themes are huge too.

Now, what does Liquid IO provide that others can’t?  A premium delivery of premium hosting services.

That’s smart stuff.

Another theme that’s made for hosting can be found here.  Or another one here.

Now then, what’s stopping you from downloading this incredible WordPress theme, grabbing some hosting and making your own site that stands the test of time?


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