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Luigi, WordPress Restaurant Theme and Wine Bar



Luigi's WordPress Theme for High End Wine Bars

This is Luigi, a food theme that could also be ideal for wind bars, pubs and other purveyors of fine alcohol.  Theme of the Crop specializes in restaurant themes and this is one of my favorites of theirs, thanks to the classy style, typography and layout.  The style is attractive, simple and well designed.  The features are seemingly endless too, so it’s a great fit for your beer bar, wine shop or other type of business.

** UPDATE ** Oh no, it looks like the Luigi WordPress theme is no longer available for sale on the Theme of the Crop website. I’m not really sure what happened to your, I did truly enjoy that theme, I thought that it was I really high-quality template that did some good work for both restaurants and wine shops. Oh well, you win some you lose some. There are still plenty of other fantastic WordPress themes out there to help you build a fantastic Wine Shop website. So, I will look at those themes and see if you find something that you love.

Luigi WordPress Fresh Theme for Restaurants

Luigi is a really fun and Powerful theme, I think it perfectly Blends the needs of a wine bar with the needs of a restaurant. That said, perhaps you want something a little bit more specifically related to wine shops and wine bars specifically, maybe the general nature of Luigi is not for you. In that event, you should have a look at our full collection of wine shop themes. These are very specifically related to the winery & Wine Bar industry.

If you’ve got a Vineyard, if you’re doing Wine Tours, if you are selling wine online or at a dedicated Wine Bar, there’s a theme in there for you. These themes are all highly adaptable and customizable, they deliver a fantastic user experience and they can really help you grow your business. So, take a look at that collection and see if you see something that really grabs your attention.

Ensuring that you have a wide array of themes to choose from, that’s what we are all about. Hopefully you can find something that you really love and something that works perfectly for your business. If you know of other Wine Bar themes that we have not included in our collection, we would certainly love to hear about that. Let us know in the comments or send us an email, the choice is yours. We will be back soon with more fantastic themes to help you build and grow your business.

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