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Lynette Women's Food and Journal Theme BluChic

This template is called Lynette, it’s got the skills to help keep your website organized on the backend and the looks to keep them engaged on the front end as well. This theme offers a simple design that is very easy to navigate. This template has a lot of streamlined features, it’s incredibly flexible and easy-to-use. The design is perfectly responsive, you can quickly change the color scheme to fit your website branding. Upload your header logo to really seal the deal.

There’s a featured image slider to Showcase your most popular posts and Pages, there are two separate many locations and this theme is Banner ad ready. You can place banner ads above the header at the top of your site or below your posts. The choice is yours. There are multiple layout options in addition to the banner ad locations, you can set your homepage up as static or show your latest blog post. Choose layout you want in the theme options panel. It’s very simple to do and worth the time it takes to set up.

Lynette Women's Feminine WordPress Journal Theme

Looking for additional options for a feminine WordPress blog theme? Well, you’re in luck. We’ve got tons of great looking, feminine WordPress templates that are going to really drive you wild. This theme is also perfect for lifestyle blogs and personal blogs. You might also be interested in one of those two collections. We’ve gathered up dozens of fantastic templates and reviewed them to ensure that they are the top notch quality that you’ve come to expect from Templified. Here at Templified, we always add nothing but the best templates out there. If you see it on our website, you can know right off the bat that it is a high-quality theme that is well worth considering.

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