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M, WordPress Grid Layout BuddyPress and Community Theme



M WordPress Theme for BuddyPress Sites

This M WordPress theme is a little bit different than a lot of others on the market.  I’ll explain.

M is a fantastic WordPress Buddypress theme, marketed as a ‘social network in a box’, which is a pretty apt description of this social networking marvel.  The M Buddypress theme is a bold, stylish and elegant, yet modern hub for all sorts of discussion and enlightenment.  It’s like an ancient Greek forum in that way, packed with incredible and striking discussions and thought provoking concepts.  That’s what the internet is all about, right?  That and cats.  Speaking of cats, check out our viral magazine WordPress theme collection.  M has so many features to make an astonishingly professional, bold, multi-faceted and flexible social network builder.   A BuddyPress ready theme is a must-have, if you need WordPress based site where people can feel free to communicate with one another in a comfortable and tantalizing, stimulating way.  I think that the M WordPress theme is a fantastic choice.

M BuddyPress and Dating WordPress Theme

Make your community a hub for discussion with this reactive (M)Societal WordPress theme. Overflowing for a modern, astonishing look and feel with superb features and plugins, growing your user-base will be worry-free.  Amazing frontpage grid layouts are an awesome heart for your own content and the centerpiece of this incredible theme is M’s Grid plugin, that can display all types of widgets, from straightforward text and pictures to BuddyPress photograph streams courtesy of rtMedia plugin support and the BP ‘Latest Pictures’ widget, along with article previews thanks to Gavick’s own News Show Pro widget. The most recent happenings can be immediately seen by your users as soon as they reach on your frontpage.  Strong with batch of alternatives, although Gavick’s plugins are simple to configure.

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Establishing the grid is no trouble helpful visual aids show you clearly how each grid block will appear on all screen sizes for a layout that is responsive, and each blocks size can be independently defined for a supreme amount of design options. Find a look that suits you, and make it your own!  Use BuddyPress and appreciate social interaction and fluid community features.  Incorporated BuddyPress support provides the basis to your social network; users start discussing the latest posts in seconds and sharing their pictures and can join up. Every user gets their own page to update the way in which they want for a community.  Gavick’s custom typography and widgets make things even more user friendly, which is nice.  Elaborate typography choices give you the liberty to expand your content with citation and quote blocks, cost tables, badges, icons and more, and Gavick’s predefined styles let you change colors in seconds. Our GK Login WordPress widget simplifies the login process to a clean overlay for instant access to content that is new.