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Mae, Simple, User Friendly Gutenberg WordPress Blog Theme



Mae, Simple and Clean Personal Blog Supporting Gutenberg

I’ve been seeing a ton of Gutenberg optimized WordPress themes lately, which I suppose makes sense, considering it is being hyped all over the place. WordPress really seems to be pushing Gutenberg, whether you like it or not. So far, the answer has been not for a lot of people. I believe that Gutenberg is going to be a successful page builder plugin in the long run, but from the early reports, it’s just not there yet.

This theme is called May, it’s been given nothing but five-star ratings on themeforest so far and this bootstrap coated theme is responsive and well-documented it’s great for businesses, events and exhibitions, the minimalist Style means you get a very high performance theme that simply can’t be beaten. I really like that this name comes with the PSD files and that, plus Gutenberg, means that you can really adapt this theme to almost any need. Is fully responsive theme is optimized for fast loading times, it has a great looking masonry grid layout and you’ll have your pick of all of the Google fonts you could possibly want.

Mae WordPress Gutenberg Theme With Clean Blog Pages

The themes developer, Pixudio, promises tremendous support and while they are a relatively new developer, it would appear that each and every one of their themes has been highly rated. They simply don’t make a poor template. This is, in fact, their very first WordPress theme. Before this, they’ve only done HTML templates. Still, the results are in and this theme has proven to be quite popular.

If you’re looking for more simple, clean WordPress themes, we’ve got a tremendous collection that you’ve got to take a look at. We do our very best to gather up only the finest of WordPress templates in all of our collections. If you see something you like that we haven’t added, please let us know and we’ll be sure to take a look and give it a review.  For more WordPress personal blog themes, check out this collection.

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