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Marcell, Minimalist Personal Blog and Magazine Theme



Marcell, Minimal WordPress Magazine and Personal Blog Theme

Marcell is a clean and minimalist WordPress theme that is great for personal blogs and online magazines using WordPress. It should not be confused with Marcel the monkey from the television show Friends. Remember that cute little guy, ah, so cute. I was actually never much of a fan of Friends, I was more of a Seinfeld guy myself, but I can see why people enjoyed it. It was sort of the first Gen-X sitcom to come around and some of the characters were funny at times. But, whatever, I’m getting sidetracked when I should be telling you about this clean and simple WordPress theme.

Let’s take a look at one of the home pages for Marcell. Oh, before I forget, I’ve been using a really cool website to build these preview images, it’s called, and it allows you to upload a little screencap and it automatically puts the browser frame image around it. I think it’s a cool look, what do you think? Hopefully it’s adding a little bit of extra value to each of these posts that I am creating.

Marcell, Minimal WordPress Magazine and Personal Blog Theme

Here’s another attractive layout that you might be interested in, it’s sort of a food blog or healthy lifestyle blog style.

Marcell, Magazine Theme for Food Blogs and Lifestyle Bloggers

Here’s one more look at what’s possible with Marcell.  It’s a clean blog theme for professional bloggers.

Marcell, Simple and Elegant Food Blog WordPress Theme

Hey, why not, here’s one more look at one of the 20 different unique homepage demo styles that are included with your download. You get all of this for a low introductory rate of $29. I think Theme Rex will probably up that price relatively quickly, but if you get it right away, you could get a premium theme for probably under under half of what it will end up costing down the road.  The look, it sort of reminds me of, don’t you think?

Marcell, Clean and Simple WordPress Personal Blog Theme

This theme has an ultra fast load time, thanks to its clean design and lightweight code. I’ve already shown you a handful of the 20 different design styles that are possible with Marcell, and each one of them can be installed with just a single click. You can import demo data and have your site set up almost immediately. It’s a real time-saver and it’s really helpful to know precisely what you’re going to get for your website. Sometimes, themes are more difficult to set up and customize to look like you wanted to look, so it’s really nice when I seen offers that feature.

Marcell gives you the ability to set up an online shop and sell products with WooCommerce, that’s perhaps not necessary for all personal blog or lifestyle blog sites, but if you want to sell stuff, it certainly future you’re going to need. I mean, that makes sense, right?

If you’d like to take a look at more options for building a classic personal blog website, or full theme collection is a great resource to help save you time and energy. We’ve added dozens of the finest WordPress themes that we could find and hopefully you find one in that collection that works perfectly for you. I’m not going to add this theme to that collection just yet, but I am going to keep my eye on it, because I think that it is a great looking minimalist blog. As the steam accrues more reviews, I may take a second look at it and add to the collection. Considering the fact that it was only updated in September of 2018, it just hasn’t had enough time to proved itself to be a very high quality and popular, not to mention well-reviewed, WordPress template.

I just went back and looked at Marcel, it’s still rated absolutely perfect with over 100 sales.  Great work by the developer.

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