Margo WordPres Grid Theme
Margo is another clean, orderly grid theme with a beautiful and understated style.

Creative, simple, clean, modern and minimalist, those are just a few of the descriptors that perfectly sum up what Margo is all about.  Codeex is the developer behind this theme and they’re known for simple looking but highly effective, feature filled themes.  Margo has only sold around 70 times at the time of this writing, but it’s catching on with the public.  I think it could easily see a massive jump in popularity as folks discover how fast this template loads, how nice it looks on all devices and how simple it is to use.

Codeex introduces us to Margo with the following statement.

Margo is a minimalist and simple portfolio template, designed with a passion for giving you an amazing work. Perfect for designers, illustrators, small agency or any other professional who want to show to the world beautiful works and captivate the audience.

Compatible with the very latest version of WordPress 4.9 with a dedicated team of Designers and Developers on hand to bring you the most timely updates and help you stay ahead of the competition.

Cool!  Updated to the latest version of WordPress, that’s attention to detail and I know how much folks love that.

Margo has unlimited color schemes available, it’s completely responsive and retina ready, the HTML5 and CSS3 code is pristine, lovely and well organized.  You’ve got some of the typical post formats available to you, video, audio, image gallery, standard and single image posts.  (Careful you don’t get dinged for thin content with those single images posts!  You need a lot of content on each page so Google knows you’re not trying to game the system.)

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