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Maribel, WordPress Digital Agency Theme

Maribel is a stunning and beautiful looking WordPress theme for creatives. For some reason, saying the word stunning, really brought me back to thinking about an old meme, the Icy Hot Stuntaz. They were an idiotic rap group from the late 1990s to early 2000s and they made some really stupid photos that kind of blew up. It’s one of the first actual names that I can really remember and, for some reason, I started thinking about them when I said stunning. I’m not going to say this theme is icy hot though, that would be taking it too far.  And it’s not stuntin’ anyway, it’s stylin’ and profilin’.  Is that how you say it?  I have no clue, I’m old and none of this makes any sense to me.

Also, I’m bored, sorry.

So, let’s have a look at some of the different demo styles that you get with the team. There are a little over a dozen different styles provided, here’s the first one, a digital agency WordPress theme.

Maribel DIgital Agency WordPress Theme

And here’s the second one, this is Maribel’s interactive agency WordPress theme Style. I think that it’s pretty clearly a very nice looking thing, I deal for all sorts of creative companies.

Maribel Interactive Agency WordPress Theme

Here’s a simple and stylish portfolio grid demo, it’s well ordered and flexible, you can adjust the number of columns and rows to show as many images as you want to.  Here’s the Maribel masonry portfolio grid layout again it’s completely flexible in terms of how you display your images, it all depends on how big they are and how many you want per page.

Portfolio Grid WordPress Theme Maribel Creative

And, why not. This is the Maribel vertical projects Style. No matter which of these a great-looking Styles you choose, or any of the other ones that I haven’t bothered to shop, you get a very nice looking, feature filled and flexible website.

Maribel WordPress Vertical Projects Theme

For agencies and blogs, creative companies and portfolios, this somewhat feminine and minimalist blog and portfolio theme is a great starting point. You get several different fully responsive, portfolio layouts, each one can highlight your creative content with style. Freelancers, Agency on hers and individuals who are into design or photography will find an absolutely perfect home with Maribel.

Maribel is a modern and feminine theme that’s totally responsive, user-friendly and loads up very rapidly. I think that this template is certainly one you should consider for your portfolio needs. This theme’s developer is a Power Elite Author on ThemeForest and that usually means that their themes are trustworthy and well supported. I think that Maribel is probably going to be the same. It’s a good guess at least.

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