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Megalith WordPress Clean Business Theme



Megalith WordPress Clean Business Theme

A megalith is a large stone that forms a prehistoric monument. Or, it’s one part of a larger structure made of giant stones. Sort of like Stonehenge. Or, exactly like Stonehenge.  Megalith’s have been around forever, or they seem to have been around forever. It’s really since prehistoric times, humans have constructed megaliths to attempt to explore their place in the universe. Something about cosmology, I suppose. There are plenty of megaliths all over the world, and now a megalith is also a clean WordPress business theme created by Tesla Themes.

Well-designed, responsive, localized and intelligent, the megalith WordPress team is an ideal solution for businesses who want a clean and professional look at a very reasonable price. If you’re looking for tons of different features, this theme has them. I suppose it’s not the most feature-rich thing that I’ve ever seen, but it does have plenty.

Megalith WordPress Business and Construction Company Theme

Make a list was designed for construction companies, though I think just about any sort of business can benefit from a great looking theme like this one. It’s responsive, it’s easy to use, it’s professional and stylish, yet reserved and clean at the same time. Nearly every popular WordPress plugin is supported, you can use almost any browser to access your website and the user experience that megalith delivers is second to none. If you get tired of the homepage lineup, slap on the visual composer plug-in and create something new to perfectly reflect what you want your business to be all about. Visual composer can sometimes be used as a bit of a crutch, so I don’t always recommend it. I think that it could be fine with this particular theme though, since certain slight changes, rather than re-configure your entire website. Anyway, that’s it for this particular template, will be back with more themes later.

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