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Mezzo, Minimalist WordPress Personal Blog Theme

Mezzo is a clean and pristine, professional personal WordPress blog theme that can help you break into the blogosphere. I’m not sure that that’s actually a part of the Earth’s atmosphere, but I do see it written quite a bit, so I thought it was a cool word to say. If you’re blogging about lifestyle blogs, travel, weddings, photography, traveling the world or just about your day today activities, a WordPress theme like Mezzo is a great starting point.

This theme was released in September of 2018, it’s responsive and well-documented, includes several different blog post styles, multiple header styles and 10 different post formats. That’s a lot more than typical and so I will let you know what they are. There’s a standard format, which really makes a lot of sense. There’s an aside, which is sort of everything after the, and this paragraph. There are image and image gallery post times, audio and video post types as well as quotes. You’ve got a link post type, a status update post type and a chat post type as well. That should be plenty of post Heights, don’t you think?

Oh yeah, this is what Mezzo looks like.

Mezzo WordPress Personal Blog Themes

Nice, right?

The theme is well designed, well documented. I think it’s a sleek and professional. If you’d like to see more themes like a Mezzo, head over to our WordPress personal Blog theme collection. We’ve got a whole bunch of stuff there that a lot of people have really reacted well. We had to our collections constantly and try to keep them as fresh as possible. If you see a great personal blog WordPress theme out there, and we haven’t added it to our collection, please let us know. Will be sure to add it and anything else great that we find, in the near future.

Quick update, this theme has only been rated three times, but it does have a perfect 5 star rating on those three.  Nice work, developer!

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