Grid Metro Blog WordPress Theme
Gah, the image on this one doesn’t do it justice, you really have to take a look at the demo to get a real idea what Mood’s grid metro blog demo can do for your content.

I love the look if this theme, it’s really a different look and feel for a portfolio website.  This is just one of the many styles available to you if you shoud happen to purchase the Mood WordPress theme.  This one is called the grid metro blog.  So, it’s half grid and half metro style, but I’d say it’s less metro than grid, if you know what I mean.  Metro styled designs are really more colorful and have a sort of specific layout that’s unique to them.  This is more of a standard masonry grid design.  But whatever you choose to call it, Mood is a well crafted theme that’s got a lot of style, a visually fun and attractive layout and tons of features.

Mood is a modern, elegant pixel perfect creative multi purpose WordPress Theme based on Visual Composer. It puts a great attention to details, performance and flexibility. The perfect solution for all kinds of businesses and uses: corporation site, e-commerce, creative portfolios, magazine. It comes with many page templates and a lot builder sections ready to use. It puts create attention to responsive solutions, providing a variety of tools to create layouts that look awesome on any device.

You want a fast loading theme?  Check out the Pingdom results for a Mood theme install.

Pingdom results Mood WordPress theme
Both page speed and YSlow scores are a solid A level grade. under 1.5 seconds for a 3.4 MB page, that’s really fast and if you work at it, you could probably get it down a little lower than that.

Mood is creative, there are dozens of styles to choose from, amazing levels of support and documentation too.  With over 200 downloads in under a year, as well as a 4.29 rating on ThemeForest, it’s a pretty solid hit too.  But not so big that every site you see has the same style.  If you want a minimalist portfolio theme, it’s a pretty strong choice.

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