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More Incredible Photography Themes from Graph Paper Press

October 31, 2018


The Composition WordPress theme promises personalization and flexibility to its members. One of the main highlights of this theme is how it easily allows customization of backgrounds, headers, logos, and widget areas. It also incorporates the modern grid-type masonry layout which offers a simple display without sacrificing professionalism.

Composition is especially designed to highlight individual posts and photos. It boasts the possibility of creating an unlimited number of photo galleries with layouts varying from one to five columns. It allows users to add image slideshows though a drag-and-drop interface, as well as to integrate plugins which allows selling of photos and prints. These features make the theme best suited for blogs, portfolios, stock photography websites, and business websites.  We’ve got a full collection of WordPress portfolio themes here.

This WordPress theme also boasts a responsive design which automatically adapts to the varying screen sizes for desktop and mobile devices. The theme also offers a one-click Automatic Updates system which is easily accessible to members.

Other notable features of the Composition theme includes an HTML5 markup, a theme customizer, and full access to widgets and page templates. The theme is also designed to be compatible with translation plugins and accessibility options to make it easier for different people to access the website.


The Shutterebox WordPress Theme offers the modern masonry layout which makes for an organized display of posts, photo galleries, and portfolios. It features a customizable homepage allowing the easy arrangement of page elements like text blocks and images. Users may also opt to add a welcome message and a newsletter signup form.  Shutterbox is also ready for duty as a high quality WordPress WooCommerce theme.  See more at that link.

The theme is not only suitable for photo blogs and portfolios, but is also recommended for business websites. E-commerce is not an issue since it is compatible with plugins where sellers can easily sell the photos and similar photo-related products. Additionally, the theme allows the creation of unlimited photo galleries with flexible display options.

The accessibility options integrated with the Shutterbox theme is also one of its more important features. Its responsive design helps it adapt to the different screen sizes of various devices. The theme is accessibility ready so that font size changes do not affect its overall layout and appearance. Shutterbox also offers an Automatic Updates option which ensures that the theme will be able to keep up with the changes in technology.

The Shutterbox WordPress Theme is written in HTML5, and offers customizable favicons, menus, backgrounds, headers, and logos. It also offers full access to widgets, page templates, and a theme customizer.


Qua is a WordPress Theme written in HTML5 which offers a clean and simple design originally featuring a 3-column layout. The unassuming design makes it easier for users to personalize through arranging page elements like post content, text blocks, widgets, and images. Users are also given the option to change backgrounds, logos, headers and favicons, and are provided with access to the widgets library and a theme customizer.

The theme makes sure it is able to keep up with the times through its Automatic Updates. This allows users to update all of the theme’s necessary components in once click. Its responsive design also makes it adjust to the different operating systems it is accessed with. The theme can be accessed through desktops, tables, and smart phones.

Accessibility is likewise not an issue. The Qua WordPress Theme gives its audience the choice to change font size without material alterations to its layout and display. The theme is also translation ready to accommodate a larger audience.

The theme offers e-commerce integration which makes it compatible to marketing-related plugins. The Qua theme also allows the incorporation of a customizable slideshow to help highlight as many images in the desired order. Members are given the option to create as many number of galleries as needed.


The Expo WordPress Theme offers minimalist aesthetics and a responsive design. The theme features a splash page layout which can be accessed in both desktop and mobile platforms. This splash page offers a smooth transition to the main index which displays content in a single line. Posts and photos are scrolled horizontally for a contemporary browsing experience, especially when accessed through tablets and mobile devices.

Expo uses HTML5 Markup which makes personalization not an issue. It allows members to access the theme customizer, add various widgets, and have access to various page templates. It provides access to change headers, logos, background images, and add a favicon. Automatic updates are also available so the latest version of the theme is available in the click of a button.

The simplistic design of the Expo theme is best suited for portfolio websites and blogs. The theme can also be used for business websites since it can be integrated with the Sell Media plugin. Members also have access to create an unlimited number of galleries. These galleries can be further customized to feature a variety of layouts up to five columns.
The theme is also translation ready and accessibility ready to help browsers easily navigate through the website.  Fort additional WordPress photography themes, check out this collection.


The Lookbook WordPress Theme showcases content in a mosaic-style format. It utilizes the grid-type masonry layout to help highlight posts and photos. The design also features a centralized post formatting system so content easily adapts to the display. This theme is best suited for fashion portfolios, stock photography websites, and businesses.

The Lookbook theme allows the creation of customized widget areas for users to incorporate additional text blocks, images, and other elements into the design. Further, users have access to page templates and the theme customizer to easily update background images, logos, and even add a unique favicon.

Slideshows and galleries can be added to accommodate as many images as possible. Adding and sorting images into the slideshows can also be easily done. The theme also boasts the creation of unlimited galleries and the user’s flexibility in designing its layout.

WordPress plugins also function properly with the Lookbook theme. It can be integrated with the Sell Media plugin to help entrepreneurs sell and market items. It also features translation ready and accessibility ready options. Finally, it utilizes a responsive design which is accessible in different devices and platforms. The newest version of the theme is made readily available through its automatic updates option.

Wall Street

Like its name suggests, the Wall Street WordPress Theme reflects the financial district’s fast-paced and straight-to-the-point environment. It boasts a contemporary yet minimalistic design to highlight content and photos which is best suited for business websites. The theme also features a responsive display which offers varying views when accessed through desktops and mobile devices.

The Wall Street theme allows the incorporation of a slideshow element which allows images to be easily added and sorted into place. It also offers a customizable photo gallery which offers 1-column to 5-column layouts. Users can create as many galleries, and as add as many photos, as needed.

The theme makes posting content easier by making videos, images, posts and similar content adapt to the design’s specific post format. This does away with the time-consuming troubles related with individually formatting each post. Users can also customizes widget areas to add elements like text blocks and subscription forms. Background images, logos, and favicons can also be personalized.

The theme also makes navigation easier due to its accessibility ready feature and notable translation plugin. Additional highlights for this theme includes the theme customizer, and full access to page templates and widgets. A one-click automatic updates system is also available.


Selling your own images and showing your portfolio to potential clients is made easier with the Chromatic WordPress theme. The Chromatic Theme is made by Graph Paper Press and boasts an elegant theme for illustrators, graphic artists, and photographers alike.

The main feature of the Chromatic WordPress Theme is the built-in easy customization options coupled with this theme. It also includes a responsive design that will suit most website owner’s need for mobile adaptability. On top of that, the Chromatic Theme is combined with the Sell Media plugin that allows you to sell your designs and images online.

Another feature of the Chromatic photography theme is its drag and drop slideshow option. You can showcase your photos and designs using this slider while adding as many images as you like.
Additional features of the Chromatic WordPress Theme includes an html5 markup, built-in theme customizer, .mo and .po translation files, automatic updates, different page templates, customized page and post backgrounds, customized headers, widget additions, different navigational headers, customized menus.

The Chromatic Theme can be purchased as part of a basic monthly package with access to other Graph Paper Press themes or as part of a lifetime package for a one-time payment.

The main goal of Graph Paper Press’ Awesome Theme is to create a minimalist website while still preserving the essential features needed to best showcase an artist’s portfolio. The Awesome Theme may suit photographers, videographers, illustrators, painters, graphic artists, and designers.

With the Awesome Theme, you are greeted with an uncluttered homepage that you can customize to your heart’s content. Each theme option have corresponding backend (or dashboard) options where you can add, change, or remove headers, menus, texts, backgrounds, and other design themes. The theme also boasts unlimited color options that you can mix and match depending on your site’s design. The theme’s main advantage is its built-in Slideshow feature where you can add on the homepage or on its own page.

The Awesome Theme supports various posting formats and makes it easier to post images and videos in their own galleries. Audio, links, and quote formats are also supported by the Awesome Theme.

Widgets for subscription forms, contact forms, images, blocks of texts, and other pieces of code can also be added on any area of your webpage running the Awesome Theme. As with all themes created by Graph Paper Press, the Awesome Theme has a mobile-friendly design, includes automatic updates for all active members, includes translation-ready .mo and .po files, and comes with html5 markup codes.

Sell Photos

Graph Paper Press’ Sell Photos WordPress Theme is a straightforward theme for photographers, illustrators, and artists whose respective website’s main goal is to sell their images. The Sell Photos Theme includes a built-in Sell Media plugin that converts your website into an ecommerce site without touching a line of code.

Sell Photos Theme’s main feature is its Slideshow option that allows you to seamlessly showcase your designs and prints. Coupled with the Unlimited Galleries feature, your website will become a rich resource for those searching for prints and images.

The Sell Photos Theme presents a minimalist design which you can spruce up if you want more spunk for your website. On the other hand, the low key design also gives more emphasis to your images.

Other main features included in the Sell Photos Theme are the ability to add your own blog and customize your theme with its built-in dashboard. The Sell Photos Theme supports different post formats for images, videos, links, audios, galleries, and quotes. The Sell Photos Theme has a responsive design, is HTML5 markup ready, and has built-in .po and .mo translation files. These are useful if you want to change the theme’s language to match your target audience’s language and also if you want to edit the theme’s code yourself.

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