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Motive WordPress Magazine theme

Movie of magazine is a really popular WordPress theme for people who are seeking a unique and well-designed online magazine template. Motive magazine has been purchased over 1,100 times, so you can see that it’s quite popular. This clean and creative WordPress theme is a modern newspaper theme.

Considering how traditional printed newspapers are dropping like flies, the rise of the online magazine or newspaper has not been particularly surprising. More and more people are consuming media online and often times on their mobile devices.

So if we have, basically, an online newspaper and a device in our pocket that allows us to access any of a thousand different online newspapers, why wouldn’t we just do that instead of carrying around a huge piece of paper.

Motive SEO Optimised, Responsive Magazine Theme

This SEO optimized theme is fully responsive, so it looks great on mobile devices. There are tons of different flexible customization options like the typography and colors can be swapped anything you would like. This template support RTL and WPML, is highly functional with regard to Google AdSense. The smart sizing code perfectly adapts you are ads to the space provided. There’s an unbranded admin panel with tons of different features, options and settings.

One cool thing is this theme has an integrated reviews system and you can create different criteria that people can irate products with regard to him. There’s percentage ratings, Point rating scales and star ratings. It supports user ratings as well.

There are 600 plus Google looks pretty good.

The motive magazine isn’t particularly highly rated. I generally consider anything below 4.5 stars to be somewhat below average. This one clocks in at 4.45, so it’s not really the most popular theme with purchasers. Another issue, this template hasn’t been updated since October of 2017. Considering the fact that it was built in November of 2014, it’s perhaps time to completely update this template.

I think there are other magazine themes that I would recommend more highly than of the motive magazine. But, I’m still going to include it this theme on our website, just in case somebody is interested. There are a lot of people out there, a lot of magazine needs and this one might be perfect for somebody. After all of it has been fairly popular since its release in 2014.

So, that’s all we have for the motive WordPress theme, I hope you found this to be interesting.

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