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Munditia Clean, Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme



Munditia Premium WooCommerce Theme

The Munditia theme has a lot going for it, but also has a few key drawbacks. I’ll still review it, but this may be a theme that’s not around a whole lot longer. And I’m not sure yet whether or not I can recommend it. Well this template has sold over 600 times, it has only racked up a 4.1 rating out of five stars on ThemeForest. The developer is a power elite author, which is usually a pretty good sign, but that rating really stands out as poor to me. In fact, just two days ago a purchaser rated this template one star and cited bugs as the reason.  I do enjoy the basic, minimalist WordPress theme style.

Lots and lots of bugs, terrible UX and UI.

Yikes.  So that’s not a very good sign for this template but I was willing to forget it because one review doesn’t make all the difference in the world. Some people have their opinions and their opinions might not be in line with reality.

Munditia Clean, Minimalist WordPress Blog Theme

One thing that I do like about this template is that it comes with the layered PSD files, which allows for more control over the look and style of your website. But in today’s day and age, you often times might just get totally different theme if you need to make those kinds of drastic changes to be design and layout of your website. This template has not been updated since May of 2017. That seems to be a bit problematic to me, because when themes get pulled from ThemeForest, it’s often because they haven’t been updated in quite some time. When that happens, you will no longer be able to receive support for your theme.

Other purchasers have reported plenty of errors occurring when WordPress makes a major update. When WordPress does make those updates, which is pretty often, you need to expect that your website isn’t going to be completely ruined. When that happens, frustration can set in and that’s never a good sign. It often doesn’t take long for It theme to get pulled when they aren’t making these basic updates.

It’s always sad to have to pull a recommendation on a theme, but I’m afraid I have to do this for Munditia.  I can no longer recommend this theme for feminine WordPress sites.  If you want to see more feminine WordPress themes, check out our full collection.  There’s bound to be something you really enjoy.

So, on to the links, if you choose.