Odessa vCard, DJ, Creative, Personal Trainer and Designer Resumé

Odessa DJ Designer Business and Personal Trainer Theme

More than a vCard, this is a complete solution for your online calling card.  No mater what business you’re in, Odessa has a look that can help make your personal and professional live a bigtime success.  I think the four demo pages are an interesting selection, seemingly random. Creative, corporate, DJ and Fitness?  Hmm.  Who came up with that idea?  Anyway, I’m highlighting this as a vCard because it’s the only one I’d recommend to anybody.  Also, because Visual Composer sucks.

Maintain a Modern & Inspirational Portfolio. If you’re a creative professional, you’ll want to be sure that your portfolio is a stellar reflection of this. The best way to prove yourself to a suspecting client is through your portfolio, as it can be seen as an extension of your work and helps sell your talents to prospective buyers. A Theme like Odessa is a stunning starting point for any creative professional either you are freelancer or agency.

If you need to display your creative work online with a robust canvas of options and with not a pixel out of place, Odessa is a great choice! It’s undoubtedly a high-performance WordPress theme, which tells a story through imagery, fonts and layouts. It can be used to create just about any kind of site you want, and is definitely up for the task of making a stunning portfolio.

That’s what they say.  I say this, anybody using Visual Composer to build a portfolio probably has no idea what they hell they’re doing.   To quote some guy on Reddit.

Each element they use an ajax request to load in the content. Say you had a pretty large page with lots of elements, that’s a lot of requests that most cheap shared hosting slows down on because of CPU usage.

And you get something that looks something like this.

Visual Composer Sucks

So, as a vCard, I think you’ll have fewer issues since you probably won’t have  a ton of images on your site, though maybe I’m just sort of talking out my ass on this one?  Anyway, let me know what you think.

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