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One Page WordPress Themes for Incredible Results in SERPs

These one page WordPress themes, or Solitary page WordPress themes if You would like to go that way, are a fairly handy and effortless way to showcase your work online. Sometimes you just don’t need a bulky multi-page WP theme. Occasionally a 1 pager is just precisely what you want. A number of these themes are fundamental landing pages, some are probably best suited as vCards, some of them are parallax and some are an excellent mixture of many distinct things. No matter what they look like however, we’ve only selected the best. This collection is the absolute best one page WordPress themes around and we think you’ll find what exactly you’re looking for.

Howdy people, welcome to BlingThemes newest offering: Slick. Slick is A simple, but attractive parallax theme, perfect for your portfolio, private blog or anything you need to throw at it. This one even works as a trendy one page theme. Slick is simple to use, but powerful enough to produce a really amazing look, right from the box.

Baylie Evo is generally amazed by ThemeTrust’s work. Baylie is no exception to this principle. Baylie is an ad organization design, functional however, the parallax scrolling portfolio component means Baylie is maybe best for presenting your portfolio. It is robust and trendy animations will certainly act as a frame for your media well, ensuring the public is very impressed by the website’s pictures. ThemeTrust, like always, includes great deal amazing options within their integrated theme options panel along with their different blog post type templates. 1 page WordPress theme style, beautiful one page WordPress theme layout. A 1 page WordPress theme is an excellent solution for a page that is neat.

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Millennium Millennium is a contemporary single page theme with an easy to customize lay-out. This means independence for your internet site, portfolio site or maybe items. I adore this theme for a blogging site, no matter whether it is a personal website or some the artistic shop to get a design enterprise. 1 page WordPress theme design, beautiful one page WordPress theme layout. A one page WordPress theme is a good solution to get a some very excellent web-site. We love only page WordPress themes that do exactly what Millennium can do. Take it one page at a time.

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Howdy folks, welcome to BlingThemes latest offering: Shiner. Shiner Is a simple but captivating parallax theme, ideal for your portfolio, private blog or whatever you want to throw at it. Shiner is simple to use, but strong enough to produce a very amazing appearance, right out of the box.

Reversal is a one page theme that’s somewhat different from most of What you will see in this group. This one has a flat design. Reversal is very good for all kinds of organizations, but heritage is kind of out the window for this theme. It is probably best to get a creative business that is not afraid to stand out in the competition with the side-scrolling design. It’s got quite speedy load times also and it is, like most of the top themes, responsive.

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Jarvis is a classic in the making. This theme DOESN’T do, but that is cheating. It’s WooCommerce ready, WPML ready. It’s got infinite skins and 12 pre-made home page variants. If you were concerned about a one page theme becoming stagnant, then Jarvis should set your worries to rest. Jarvis doesn’t do dishes.

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Singlet Is a responsive single-pager theme designed make your portfolio virtually jump off the screen. Singlet has four custom post kinds (project, service, employee, customer ), a few custom widgets (employee and abilities ), eight page templates, a short-code supervisor, along with a whole bunch more. Singlet remains easy to use though. It’s simple and robust. Feature rich and easy to use. Simply put, it is a WordPress theme that is jam-packed with absolutely best tools, features and service which make it easy and enjoyable to design a one page WordPress site quickly!

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Nash is one of the highest rated themes on Themeforest, which is saying something. It is possible to show off nearly any kind of work or service using an attractive looking single page WordPress site. Viewing content with a single page parallax scrolling layout is wicked-smart (all the kids are doing it) and can be something anyone who visits your site will love. Nash is bound to stun and amaze you with its cool animated sequences and adjustments which produce your new site look and feel quite natural. Support for this theme is really solid also, so buy with confidence.
Single webpage WordPress theme style, exquisite one page WordPress theme layout. A one page WordPress theme is a practically perfect choice for a some very excellent web site.

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A single page WordPress theme is a near perfect solution to get a some of the most incredible site.
Potassium is a simple, clean looking one-pager WordPress contemporary portfolio that would be great for nearly any sort of business.


One page WordPress themes are an incredible choice for a superb webpage. Metro design is fairly hip right now, so Argo should really be an attractive choice for almost any sort of company, but notably a creative company or maybe an art studio or a portfolio page for a graphic designer.

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This single page portfolio theme, from Codestag on Themeforest, is Retina ready (which means it’s possible to find some really large resolution pictures to seem absolutely incredible on a huge variety of apparatus ) and includes a cool, easy flat design style. Each block can be separately altered in the widget area, so it is rather simple to make the webpage design fit your content, no matter what you have. 1 webpage WordPress themes are a unbelievable solution to get a some of their very best web site.

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Newave is a purely responsive parallax theme with fresh and contemporary design. Newave has 5 distinct homepage sections, a colour skin generator, 4 distinct header layouts and a design layout and a classic layout option, so in the event that you would like to change things up, it’s pretty easy to find the website to look just how you imagine it in your head. 1 page WordPress themes are a near perfect choice for a some splendid site. Single webpage WordPress theme design, exquisite single page WordPress theme design.


Highlight just about any design work or services such as a boss! Mountain is a brand new one-page parallax theme with a stunning fluid layout, clean layout components included. Use Mountain as a personal site theme, a portfolio (corporate or private would both seem great) or whatever else you desire. Each section may be customized, so Mountain may have as many different looks as you need, but each one of them will be clean, sleek and contemporary with this trendy flat style layout. Main page WordPress themes are a amazing solution to get a tops internet website.


This premium one page theme is a lovely and attractive, 100% Purely responsive template which combines lots of pleasure style, professionalism and reliability into a fabulous package. It is one of these cool horizontal scrolling sites, built on Bootstrap, with complete screen images, purely responsive design and multiple colour variations include. Oh yeah, it’s got a sweet page builder constructed right in too, which means you can always mix up the appearance by creating something brand new. Single page WordPress themes are an ideal option for a some splendid online site. 1 page WordPress theme style, amazing one page WordPress theme layout.


I’ve included this one at one page theme segment, but it’s Really got a standard website to cooperate with the one pager. You are able to assemble pages fast with the Visual Composer plugin, which can be included at no cost. Also includes the Revolution Slider included, which is a fairly cool premium slider plugin. The combination really gives you a great deal of value for the price. (Added incentive, I think the construct in SEO features within this theme are top notch.) Just one page WordPress theme is a nearly perfect choice for a some unbelievable site. Single webpage WordPress theme design, beautiful one page WordPress theme layout.


A single page WordPress theme is an perfect option for an a fantastic choice site. Identiq provides a classy look to your single page portfolio website. It has got features such as an advanced admin panel, responsive layout and retina display. Lots of google fonts contained also! Insert the MailChimp integration and built in SEO functions, along with lightning quick page load rates, this theme will surely help you rank your website. (Google loves strong SEO and cheetah fast load times.)


Total, along with the free and premium supported WooCommerce plugin, gives you a absolutely Ideal way to show-off all sorts of products on an easy one page website. What type of products can you market? Literally anything you desire. And as you’re busy setting up your internet shop, Total does what it is to make things move smoothly. You can customize your website with simple with a front end drag and drop page builder and no matter what kind merchandise you are selling, WooCommerce is a cool solution to sell your goods and services really fast! A 1 page WordPress theme is an excellent idea for an ideal web-page. Single webpage WordPress theme style, beautiful single page WordPress theme design.  For more WooCommerce themes, here you go!

Polaris One page WordPress template constructed with events and parties in mind but I think it would work well for an assortment of sites. Polaris delivers a variety of color choices, parallax scrolling animations, a clean layout and very extensive documentation. Add videos to really spice up things or just use it as a 1 page theme together with the trendy front page countdown feature. Handy! Single webpage WordPress theme style, exquisite one page WordPress theme layout. Single page WordPress themes are a fantastic choice for some very excellent site.

Salsabila Simple portfolio site or a site. I truly believe this one would seem pretty good as a vCard theme too. Simple is good and getting your point across, or having your resume out there, with a slick looking design is much better. Salsabila’s navigation installation is apparent, so your customers should have a great user experience, which can be always adored by Google. Do not forget, this one is responsive also! Single page WordPress theme design, beautiful one page WordPress theme layout. 1 page WordPress themes are a superb idea for a some incredible web-page.



Vortex is a sexy small one page parallax theme with an attractive Flat style layout, lots of space to your portfolio or blog, and it’s infinitely customizable. Vortex has numerous header section layouts already assembled, so you don’t need to be a designer to have a great looking site together. Also multiple article types and colour changer imply this website would look good no matter what topic you are covering from real estate to style, apps to automobiles. You name it really. One page WordPress theme style, beautiful single page WordPress theme design.

Biome combines magnificent design like complete width images and appealing Purely responsive layout, together with the power of WooCommerce and more. This theme is flexible enough to perform a lot of things that other themes may struggle with. Biome functions as a single page theme, however it’s got a multi-page option too, so in the event that you change your mind down the road, it will not take a good deal of struggling to swap out from your one page layout. For a 1 page WordPress theme to do all that…colour me impressed. A one page WordPress theme is a great option for a some unbelievable online website.

Smart 7

This 1 page style theme is a clean and clear design That Provides a World of possibilities for layouts, looks and layouts. Smart7 has a host of tools to make your site look new and fresh in contrast to the contest. It is retina ready, which is excellent for displaying large pictures and of course, it’s responsive too. Additionally, you may use the pre-made slides to create a candy looking slideshow. A 1 page WordPress theme is a wonderful pick for a dreamy web-site.


Attitude is a hot looking single-page multimedia WordPress portfolio theme. The gallery portfolio post types, along with video and audio post types, imply this is a great theme for any type of artist. This theme is truly tasteful in every single way, but it’s also practical and aesthetically pleasing. That is a fantastic combo! One page WordPress themes are a perfect option for a dreamy site.

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