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Ornaldo, Sports, Gym and Fitness Theme with WooCommerce



Ornaldo - Sports, Gym & Fitness WooCommerce WordPress Theme

This theme is called Ornaldo and it seems to be a bit of a mash-up of the words Orlando and Ronaldo, I guess that is the theme developers concept of what sporty means to them. Something like that anyway. Ornaldo is a Gutenberg ready, mobile friendly WordPress theme that has it lookbook version, multiple blog layouts and multiple portfolio layouts as well. There is a one-click demo importer and, since it allows for perfect support of WooCommerce, this theme is great for selling sporting related products.

I probably should have mentioned this when I first posted, but I think Ornaldo could be a really solid WordPress fitness theme to help move fitness related products, sell memberships and otherwise hype up your gym,. spinning classes, personal training business or anything related to fitness.

I suppose there’s nothing that says you can’t sell other types of products with this theme, but that is what the demo indicates, so that is what I am recommending it for the scene appears to be very flexible, very easy to manage and it’s got a super crisp and minimal style to it. I think the steam could be right up your alley if you need a great-looking eCommerce site.

Ornaldo, Fitness and Gym eCommerce Theme

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