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Osmosis, Clean, Modern FullScreen WordPress Theme


on - Osmosis Theme – Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Every feature included with the Osmosis WordPress theme stems from the latest modern website-building technology and the most advanced aesthetic flexibility available online. That’s great for a one page WordPress theme.  The basic package for this theme provides more capabilities and inclusions that many other themes’ premium packages. Every aspect works together to create a visually stunning, backend powerful and 100% responsive collection of integrated pages that will appear precisely how you want them to on each computer monitor and mobile device. The individual elements even allow for personal responsivity configuration.

When you first install the Osmosis WP theme on your website, the number of features might seem overwhelming. With the highly intuitive admin control panel, full customization of web pages quickly becomes simple and the end result surprisingly effective. If desired, you can bypass the need for XML files and import the theme preview to the site to test it out first.

Osmosis Fullscreen WordPress Themes

Other demo data can also be included with one simple click. This can help you decide on features and form before finalizing the design. Osmosis includes a Dot Side Menu Navigation, pie chart elements, Ubers Menus, full blog filtering, integration with all major social media sites including your Instagram feed. It also offers a Master Key Safe button which allows visitors to hide or reveal chunks of information based on their person needs. This reduces clutter and potential confusion and makes the Osmosis WP theme one of the most unique and aesthetically pleasing ones available today.

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