This is Pickerel, a responsive and creative WordPress theme for any kind of business.  The clean, corporate style of Pickerel is a refreshing departure from today’s trend toward ultra-minimalist styles and completely flat WordPress designs.  That’s not to say that Pickerel is overly busy in terms of it’s design, it’s not.  It’s been Theme Profuse’s goal to create professional quality WordPress themes with loads of features and offer great support for each and every one of them.

I think they’ve succeeded with Pickerel.  Now, here’s what they have to say about their theme.

Pickerel is a very powerful theme which suits both, creative and business users with no programming background, as well as advanced developers. It will help you build your site with the layout, colors, and images you want and like, in no time. You can set any color to all the elements such as: backgrounds, texts, menus, links, etc. You can completely change the look and feel of your site in seconds. We have made a theme for every need but still managed to make it unique. The goal was to make a theme for every use but not make it look like a theme by giving you all the options you need and want. Enjoy it!

Okay, and here’s our first look at Pickerel, or Pick for short.

Pickerel Responsive Business Theme
Pickerel is a responsive business theme that’s clean and neat to look at, but filled with the kinds of features you’d expect from such a highly rated WordPress theme.  At least I assume it’s actually called Pickerel.

So, that’s a good look at a good looking theme.  I’m always curious about what the level of support is for a theme like this one, so I decided to check it out.  I went to ThemeForest’s page for Pickerel and checked the comments section.  There’s some bad news, I’m afraid.  Comments have gone unanswered for years.  That’s not a good look, you know what I mean?

Now it all makes sense, the reason this theme hasn’t been downloaded more than around 60 times and why the theme looks so different than other themes out now, it’s really, really old and it’s poorly supported.  I really can’t get behind that.  If you want a clean looking website, one that has a cool, unique material design look to it, then check out that collection I’ve linked.

Oh boy, I just found another strike against this theme and it’s developer.  Their most downloaded theme, Clava, which can be seen here…

Clava Responsive Multipurpose Template
Clava is a fully responsive one-page WordPress template or Creative Page WordPress template is easily usable with any device, without removing any content!. Clava is a responsive WordPress template that modest for your Business , Portfolio and your website agency that you can be Special with this them.

So, looks okay, right?  I think so, simple, flat, down to business, a hint of material design style.  Cool is cool right?  What’s not cool is the terrible reviews this theme has suffered.  A bottom of the barrel rating of 2.67 on 12 ratings.  Sometimes, a theme will get a bad rating on 3, maybe 4 reviews.  But 12 is a trend and that trend is bad.  Looks like the developer is struggling to keep their theme up to date, support questions go unanswered in their forums and feature requests are met with indifference at best.

Yeah, I just can’t recommend this theme or this developer.

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