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Podcaster, WordPress Podcasting and Personal Blog Theme



Podcaster, WordPress Personal Blog and Poscast Theme

Podcaster is a theme that works well as a video bog, a personal blog and a podcasting theme.  For more WordPress podcasting themes, you may be into our full collection of themes.  It’s a really strong selection of themes that are built for podcasters.  But that’s not all this theme can do.

Just looking at some of the features, it does have quite a few that are solid. This is a Gutenberg ready WordPress theme, it offers a multimedia front page and advanced themes options panel. For podcasters, the layout is pretty classic. So, it could work well for a podcasting or multimedia website. However, looking at the reviews, this theme is not exactly living up to its high billing. But before we get to that, let’s take a look at the front page.

Podcaster, WordPress Podcasting and Blogging Theme

Uh-oh, something has gone horribly wrong. Podcaster has only garnered a 4.14 average rating based on 44 ratings so far. That is simply not a good enough reading to recommend this theme. With that said, we have gathered up quite a number of other options that might come in handy. The themes in all of our collections or highly rated and user-friendly. They are themes that offer great support and fantastic code. We don’t recommend any themes that don’t meet our high standards, so you should certainly take a look at some of these other themes instead of Podcaster.

For example, see some more personal blog WordPress themes in this collection.

Okay, that does it for this review, hopefully you found it to be informative. We will be back shortly with more well-designed, easy to use WordPress themes.

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