RaiseApp is a full fledged business template and creative agency WordPress theme that really means business.  And pleasure too, with a coffee shop demo style included.  Let’s take a look at what the RaiseApp template developer (XThemeApollo) has to say about this app promo theme.

As a RaiseApp is a multi-purpose wordpress theme so it developed for all types for business such as corporate, creative, insurance, construction, digital agency, online store, coffee bistro, salons, repair shop, factory, industry, Service Business, Manufacturing Business etc.  RaiseApp also has drag & drop page builder and slider editor based on timeline which you can create/update your splendid pages easily and faster. No Coding Skill Required.  RaiseApp is tested on all real devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Tablet, Mini-PC, Desktop) by a highly skilled tester and RaiseApp looks perfect. We hope so you will feel happy with this WordPress theme.

Okay, that’s what they have to say, but I’ll be the ultimate judge of this theme.  When you hear the sales hype, it’s easy to get distracted, but the proof is in the pudding.  Whatever that means.  I really have no idea.


raiseapp.xthemeapollo.com-RaiseApp – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Okay, now, here are a handful of demo previews.  The main demo, there’s an online store and a corporate site.  On the creative side of things, a digital agency.  Then there are some very specific themes, a construction company and a coffee shop style.  I like it so far.  Let’s get further into this theme.

raiseapp.xthemeapollo.com-RaiseApp – Multi Purpose WordPress Theme(1)

That’s what they’ve created so far, but they’re planning to release a bunch more great looking demo sites as time goes by, so check back for more updates.  These theme makers are smart, they wait to see if a theme is a hit, then they can crank out a ton more demo sites for different niche markets.  Look for stuff like a gym or personal trainer, flower shop, jewelry store and other very specific markets.

Okay, on to the review proper.

So, what does the RaiseApp theme come with?  For one thing, one click installation and demo data with powerful theme options, multiple premium plugins are included and this responsive theme also includes great looking dark and light styles.  There are a ton of visual composer addons, eight shop and category layouts, fifteen different menu styles, seven page titles, almost a dozen blog page templates and a lot more.  This theme does have a ton of options.

You know I love to check how fast a theme works, so let’s hit the Pingdom checker, whattya say?  This is from the Main Dark demo, so it’s not doing their demo splash page.  Just for reference.

From San Jose, it’s unbelievably slow.  Performance grade is a B, but it took over 7 seconds to load up the first try.  Almost 100 requests is far too many for my taste.

tools.pingdom.com-Website speed test

And I did it again but didn’t do a screencap, only slightly better the second go around, it loaded up in 6.63 seconds.  That’s a glacial pace.  Something needs to be done, you’re not going to rank for anything with that type of page load times.  But hey, they offer free installation, which is a nice touch.  For $39, a pretty reasonable price, maybe this one could be worth it for somebody?

Check back later for more updates on great themes.

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