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Realesta, WordPress Real Estate Theme



This next theme is called Realesta, it’s a property sales and rental WordPress template, which is a very specific Niche, but I do think that it does a fine job of getting the point across in a way that makes sense for any type of user. I think that means that it could appeal to a fairly wide range of users, even if it is so hyper specific for Real Estate or the rental market.  Flexible, but niche.  That’s what I mean.

Here is what the theme developer has to say about their cool looking WordPress real estate theme. I think that taking a look at the developers words introduction, it’s usually a good idea. Particularly when the theme developer is so well-respected as this one. They have sold quite a number of themes over the years and the vast majority of them get a very high rating. So, I think that you can be pretty certain that this particular theme is going to work very well for any sort of real estate listings website.

Realesta is a purposefully built WordPress real estate theme for any kind of rental, residential, development, and real estate property sites. It can be used to build a website for a business/organization that deals with buy, sell, or rent properties. The super flexible theme allows you to build top-notch professional websites with purpose-oriented designs. The WordPress real estate theme allows you to showcase properties, testimonials, agent listing, and contact forms to create a full-fledged real estate website. Most interestingly, Realesta has an awesome front end property submission system.

Realesta comes with 4 home variations to give you a range of options to build your WordPress real estate website. It has all the necessary stuff such as property listing, agent profiling, built-in pages, blogs, and even property attachment doc support. These features make it a well-planned WordPress real estate theme and property management system. Plus, Realesta comes with some great plugins and many other features to offer you the best WordPress real estate website building pack.

And now, it’s time to take a look at what this bold kind of dynamic template looks like on the page. I think it’s got a really unique look, the layout is interesting, the typography is engaging and I think it does a great job with the images as well.

Realesta, Property Sales and Rental WordPress Theme

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