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Rhythm, Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme



This theme is called Rhythm, it’s definitely not going to give you the blues, you know what I’m saying?

Rhythm is a relatively inexpensive and trendy WordPress theme. That seems like a strange thing to say when you introduce a theme, but it is trendy looking, you can see that just from the demo designs. As for the relatively inexpensive part, this the theme is currently priced at $19. Considering the fact that it was first released on June 19th of 2019, that’s really something.

Probably more of a coincidence than anything.

Anyway, this theme is an excellent tool for creating any type of business, selling products with WooCommerce or boarding. It really is a multi-purpose WordPress theme with one page and multi-page options, all of them perfectly responsive. There are multiple different blog Pages, portfolio pages and even three different shop pages to choose from. Support is free, fast and friendly. That is the three most important tasks out there.

Rhythm, Creative WordPress Multipupose Theme

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