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Sentobar, WordPress Hair Salon and Barber Shop Theme



Sentobar WordPress Theme

This theme is called Sentobar and it’s a sensible WordPress theme for barber shops and hair stylists.

Sentobar is a barber shop and hair salon WordPress theme that is brand new in September of 2018. The same is great for beauty salons, hair salons, barbers, haircut joints, mustache parlors, if there is such a thing, and tattoo parlors as well. It’s got a cool vintage design and you won’t have to know how to code to be able to make a lot of use out of this template.

Here’s a look at the front page.  It’s got a fun ‘hipster’ vibe to it, don’t you think?

Sentobar, WordPress Barber Shop Salon Theme

Sentobar adds a nice looking blog and portfolio to the mix, and buyers really seem to love it. It’s a well-organized and simple to customize theme that is user-friendly on the front end and the back end as well. If you want the best way to prevent it and promote your Barber Shop Tattoo Parlor, hair design Studio, Hair Salon or fashion shop, a responsive theme like Sentobar could be a great choice, since it can rapidly adapt to all types of businesses.

So, that’s all we have for now, we’ll be back soon with more amazing, functional and user-friendly WordPress themes.

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