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Seppo, WordPress Creative Agency Theme

This is Seppo!  What’s a Seppo, you ask?  Well, I just looked it up.

I’m really hoping that the developer of this theme is Finnish. You know, from Finland? Not like a finish line, like the Finnish people. My auto-correct just will not go back and correct that first mistake. I’ll have to take care of that myself.

Anyway, I like to look up what these themes mean when I review them, and I had no idea what the word Seppo means. Get ready for a journey down the rabbit hole.

In Finland, Seppo means ‘smith’ or a skillful person. Like a blacksmith, silversmith, or a gunsmith.  Not like the band The Smiths.  You get the picture, right? It’s a mark of quality and distinction, a real compliment to the name holder.  Seppo is a very common given name in Finland and was particularly popular in the the 1940s and 1950s. So, yeah, it’s the same as Smith in English.  Anyway, that’s what it means in Finland.

But it does not mean that everywhere.

In Australia, it’s rhyming slang. Up to this point, I didn’t actually know that Australians did rhyming slang like the English too. Anyway, Seppo is short for septic tank, which rhymes with Yank, which is an America. So, Seppo is a nickname for Americans using a comparison to a septic tank.

Hey, you know what Australia, screw you too, buddy!

Just kidding, I love Australia, they’ve done nothing wrong to me.

Here’s the developer’s description of Seppo.

Seppo is corporate multipurpose one page WordPress theme which comes with a lot of premade sections (Home, Services, About, Clients, News, Portfolio, Pricing, Team, Skills, Milestones, Contact) which are included in one big scrolling page.

Ah yes, here’s a look at one of the basic homepages at your disposal.  Clean and nice, I’d say.

Seppo Corporate One Page WordPress Theme

Back to Seppo, it’s a basic and creative WordPress option for digital and creative agencies. I think that one thing this template has going for it, it’s colorful and bold, it offers one page design and it is totally responsive. If you’re looking for a clean, multi-purpose one page business theme, I think that it could do the trick. I’m not in love with the fact that there is nothing particularly creative about it. It’s a lot like a lot of other themes and it relies heavily on Revolution slider, where have I read that before, and any of one of them number of different page builder plugins. Of course it works with any one of a number of page builder plugins, everything works with any one of a number of page builder plugins. I don’t really think that that’s much of a mark of distinction these days, just working with page builder plugin.

Meh, I just don’t think there’s much to recommend here.  It’s not enough of anything and it’s going to get lost in the shuffle, I’m afraid.

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