Several Amazing Graph Paper Press Themes for Photographers

Stock Photography

If you want a different approach to photography ecommerce sites, you better take a look at the Stock Photography Theme by Graph Paper Press. This theme’s main advantage is in giving you a theme for your online shop’s website where you do not have to rely on any add-on ecommerce site plugins. The Stock Photography Theme includes a built-in Sell Media plugin that allows you to run an ecommerce site while you keep all the money for your online earnings.  For more WooCommerce themes, click there.

Another feature of the Stock Photography theme is that it looks like a professional search engine for stock photographs. You can easily manage the theme’s customization options in terms of colors and design scheme of the site while still retaining the reliable basic structure.

Just like other Graph Paper Press theme, it has a responsive design and will seamlessly display in any monitor or screen size. It also has a Slideshow option and an Unlimited Galleries where you can showcase your images. The Stock Photography Theme will transform your website into an elegant database of stock images and prints.

Additional features included in the Stock Photography Theme are: built-in .mo and .po translation files, HTML5 markup codes, automatic theme updates for active members, customized widgets, and premade page templates.


Graph Paper Press’ ultimate minimalist theme is the Cooperative WordPress Theme. The Cooperative Theme is firstly aimed towards groups of people who wants one place to display all their work and attract clients. The theme achieves this goal because it allows the artwork, design piece, or image to shine through instead of the website’s theme to overpower it.

The Cooperative Theme is easy to customize with the various header, widget, menu, and text options packaged into the theme. The theme is also responsive to suit all types of display screen including mobile phones. With this theme, you can add photos into slideshows using a built-in drag and drop tool. Images can also be showcased in unlimited galleries.

Post formats for quotes, blog posts, audio posts, image and video posts, galleries, and links are fully supported in the Cooperative Theme. You can also add forms, texts, additional codes, and images in various widget areas on the theme.

Active members of Graph Paper Press are entitled to automatic theme updates. Subscription to the Cooperative theme also allows you to get translation ready files, HTML5 markup, built-in theme customizer, and accessibility options. These features are helpful if you want to change the theme’s code and personalize it.

Full Frame

The Full Frame Theme is Graph Paper Press’ solution for those who want to make a statement with each website post in any format. This theme may suit artists, writers, photographers, and videographers since it works well with large images coupled with text.

The theme’s main draw is the fluid way images fill up your screen in each post. And when coupled with the correct typography, your website will stand out. Full Frame Theme supports includes premade page layouts for standard posts, image posts, gallery posts, video posts, quote posts, and aside post formats.

Another feature of the Full Frame Theme is the option to view various archive format. You can view archives in an image format, gallery format, quote format, category format, and tag format.
This WordPress theme is also easily customizable thanks to a built-in Theme Customizer. You can modify site logos, text widgets, menus, etc. easily and quickly through this backend tool. Full Frame has a responsive design and will display without any issue on any device.

Other features includes in the Full Frame Theme are unlimited photo and video galleries, automated theme updates for active members, customizable widgets, premade .po and .mo translation files, and HTML5 markup codes.


Storyteller is another Graph Paper Press theme for WordPress-powered websites. It is a responsive theme suited for those who want a customizable website that focuses on blog entries centered around high quality photos. It may suit bloggers, freelancers, artists, or photographers.

The Storyteller Theme’s main feature is its easy customization options. Through its backend Theme Customizer, you can upload background and post photos, change color schemes, adjust headers, favicons, widgets, font styles, etc. As a responsive theme, all changes made to the site will be displayed optimally in different screens like laptops and smart phones.

Another feature of the Storyteller Theme is its built-in Slideshow feature where you can add photos by just simple dragging and dropping them into the slideshow plugin. The Storyteller Theme also supports various posting formats for text, quotes, links, galleries, videos, audio recordings, and photos.

With the Storyteller Theme, you can also add social media buttons, contact forms, text, and other photos into customized widget areas found in the theme’s footer and sidebar. These features can be activated and deactivated depending on your preference. Storyteller also allows unlimited number of image and video galleries.

As with all themes in the Graph Paper Press collection, the Storyteller Theme comes with built-in .po and .mo translation files, and are automatically updated for their latest versions.


As its name suggests, the Instamate Theme allows you to showcase your instagram photos right into your own website. With this theme, your website becomes an artfully-curated portfolio of your best instagram posts.  For additional WordPress portfolio themes, we’ve got a whole collection you’ll love.

The Instamate Theme includes an integrated Theme Customizer where you can make changes to the theme’s design, image backgrounds, colors, font styles, etc before publishing them live on your website for your clients to view. The theme also allows you to make changes in its sidebar orientation, headers, favicons, and logos.

This theme has a responsive and accessibility ready design that will suit most modern monitors and smart phones. The Instamate Theme also allows different post formats for text, pictures, links, quotes, videos, and audio recordings. A drag and drop photo slider is also included in the theme. Unlimited number of photo and video galleries may be added to a website running under this theme.

Other features included in the theme are built-in HTML5 markup codes, translation ready .po and .mo files, premade page templates, automated theme updates, customized areas for widgets, and customized headers and menus.

Graph Paper Press’ Instamate Theme may suit as a visual platform for bloggers, photographers, illustrators, graphic artists, videographers, and those in other artistic fields.


Another Graph Paper Press theme for selling images and prints is Albedo. This theme includes the built-in Sell Media plugin that allows you to run a ecommerce store in your website while still being able to post blog entries and showcase your portfolio online.

The Albedo Theme has a responsive design that will allow your site to display seamlessly in any screen. The theme also sports a magazine type design that lets you showcase both news updates, artwork, and blog entries all in the homepage.

Other features included in the Albedo Theme are: integrated Theme Customizer, Accessibility Ready Design, HTML5 markup codes, .po and .mo translation ready files, built-in page templates, drag and drop Slideshow plugin, Unlimited image and video galleries, and automatic theme updates for active Graph Paper Press members.

The integrated Sell Media plugin allows you upload photos in your WordPress account and sell it on your website. The plugin also allows you to import images into Aperture or Lightroom, upload images in bulk, password-protect specific images, setup price tags for specific images, view sales reports, accept payments through PayPal or direct credit card payments.

With the Albedo Theme, you can purchase additional Sell Media plugin extensions that will allow you to offer discount codes, integrate a newsletter, setup sales commissions, watermark images, sell/ship prints, sell membership plans, and backup files into the Amazon cloud server.


Seneca is a WordPress theme perfect for those who use their site to sell different types of products from tangible goods to digital merchandise. It is an excellent theme to manage blog posts, personnel, and videos and is e-commerce enabled for easier online transactions. The electronic commerce feature could also be disabled, allowing stand-alone bloggers to also experience the other wonderful features Seneca has to offer.

This theme is easily customizable, offering a selection of backgrounds, header and menu options, logos, custom widgets, and favicons. It has a responsive design allowing the audience to view the blog in different devices without compromising the site’s quality and content. It’s slideshow feature lets the user select images to highlight in the site, and the unlimited galleries allows the site handler to add as much galleries as they want using different layouts.

Seneca offers one-click updates, making it easier for the users to install the theme’s latest version. It is coded with HTML5 Markup for a more convenient blogging experience, and is mobile responsive. It is also accessibility ready and translation ready, to cater to the site’s different types of viewers. For a better glimpse of the features Seneca has to offer, click on the live demo.


Emporia is a WordPress theme specially made for photographers who want to present their craft in a simple yet attractive way. This theme is fully responsive, allowing the site’s audience to view the content in excellent quality through different devices.

The theme offers a variety of features, such as customizable backgrounds, menus, and headers, and a selection of logos and favicons. It also contains custom widgets where users can add text blocks, images, forms, and other information the owner want to add in their site. The theme’s slideshow feature enables the user to simply drag and drop some images that they want to showcase in their blog. It is compatible with different post formats, allowing the owner to post videos, photos, audio, links, and quotes. The theme offers an unlimited galleries feature, letting the user add unlimited galleries in different layouts.  Here are some more great personal blog themes for WordPress.

It comes with automatic updates upon download, making it more convenient for the site owner to update to the latest version of the theme. Emporia uses the latest HTML5 coding, allowing the theme users to blog with ease. It is also translation ready and accessibility ready to fit the different needs of the site’s audience. Check out the live preview for a better look at Emporia.


Immense is an excellent WordPress theme for the minimalist professional photographer. The theme’s fully responsive design allows it to adapt to different devices’ screen size. The site owner can better showcase their content through the theme’s full screen feature, which also adjusts to the viewers’ different screens.

This theme is easily customizable, where the user can change their site’s background, menu, favicons, and headers with no difficulty. Its custom widgets feature allows the owner to add different types of widgets – such as text blocks, forms, and images, among others. The theme also has a slideshow where the user can present multiple selected images by simply dragging and dropping them in their desired order. It also has unlimited galleries that contain different layouts. This theme caters to different post formats, making it easier for the site owner to post videos, pictures, quotes, links, and audio content.

Immense offers automatic updates for easier, one-click installation of the theme’s newest version. The theme is translation and accessibility ready for the site’s different types of audience. It is mobile responsive and uses the latest HTML5 markup for a more convenient blogging experience. Take a look at the live demo for a better view of the features brought by this WordPress theme.


Uno is a minimalist WordPress theme perfect for those who want to showcase their photo gallery and want to set up a photo blog. This uses a child theme for its base theme framework, and offers a ton of features for easy blogging.

Uno is a theme that is easy to customize, making changing the site’s background, menus, and headers very simple. The blog’s logos and favicons can also be customized with ease in this theme. Its custom widgets feature lets the user add some images, forms, texts, and other information they want to put into their site. It contains slideshows and unlimited galleries where the user can choose an unlimited number of images and other content that they want to highlight in their site using various layouts.

This theme has a responsive design, which adjusts to the screens of the viewers’ different devices. It is open to different post formats – like videos, photos, links, audio, and quotes – making blogging much simple and convenient. It also offers one-click updates upon download, and uses the HTML5 Markup for easier blogging. To add to these excellent features is a translation and accessibility ready feature, perfect for the blog’s different viewers. Check out the live preview to have an idea on what Uno has to offer.


Widescreen, as its name suggests, is a WordPress theme that offers a full screen slideshow perfect for photography blogs. This slideshow lets the user drag and drop images into their desired order, making customizing much simpler. The theme contains a variety of homepage layouts – with a homepage video and featured posts section.

Its other features include an easy to customize background, menu, and header, and customizable logos and favicons. The theme offers some custom widgets that enable the user to add some forms, images, author information, and other text into their site. It contains unlimited galleries and different layouts where the user can add any number of photos and other content.

Widescreen theme has a responsive design, making it compatible to mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Its coding uses the HTML5 Markup, making blogging easier and more convenient. The theme offers automatic, one-click updates upon download to ensure that the users can install the latest them updates with ease. It is translation ready and accessibility ready to adjust to the different needs of the site’s viewers. It is also SEO optimized to help increase the site’s visitor count. Click on the live preview for a sneak peak of the features Widescreen theme contains.

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