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Several More Amazing Elegant Themes

October 31, 2018

We added a collection a while back including some of our favorite themes created by Elegant Themes.  We’ve decided to add some more in this collection.  For WordPress portfolio themes, try this.

The Fusion Theme is a fashionable theme which will suit manufacturers who wish to appeal to a broad range of audience. Fusion accomplishes this by showing the product/s directly on its homepage using a slick picture slider and complementing color scheme. This is a bold move that enables website visitors to concentrate on the product without being put off using the site’s looks.
Included from the Fusion Theme are .po and .mo translation-ready files which allows you to tailor fit your site to your audience’s native language.
Shortcodes included in the theme are for producing little buttons, icon buttons, big buttons, context boxes, toggled articles, tabbed content, slideshows, tooltips, picture sliders, social networking badges, password protected material, author bios, column designs, customized icon lists, corporate pricing tables, client testimonials, drop caps, and quotes.
The Fusion Theme also includes an integrated Theme Customizer where you are able to make all the essential design changes to suit your business’ needs. It’s four built-in colour schemes (blue, green, purple, and red).
Fusion is part of this Elegant Themes gallery plus it’s available through a personal yearly plan, a developer yearly program, or life access plan.

Explorable WordPress Premium Travel Blog Theme

The Explorable Theme is a location-based theme for WordPress site owners that wish to rate and review any location or institution that they have visited. Websites operating under the Explorable Theme works great as traveling and review websites.
The Explorable Theme’s homepage prominently features a Google map in which locations that you have visited and have written about are pinned. Website visitors also have the choices to enlarge the map to find listings or search the site using a built-in search bar. As soon as you select a trapped location, a material box will popup showing you a summary of you review and rating. Clicking the content box will open the full review on another page.
The theme is easily customized with an integrated ePanel Theme Options located on the WordPress dashboard. You can also make changes to the website using the Live Theme Customizer. The Theme Customizer permits you to choose between different font styles, background colors, and color schemes ( it’s possible to pick between default, blue, green, crimson, and purple).

The Flexible Theme boasts a minimalist and responsive theme design while keeping your art front and centre. This theme may suit portfolio sites for photographers, artists, illustrators, and other visual artists.  Perhaps you’re looking for personal blog WordPress themes?  You know the drill.

The theme’s homepage includes a simple gallery of images on its upper half and blog article summaries on the lower half.
The Flexible Theme also includes a Live Theme Customizer if you would like to make real time changes on your own site. The theme’s picture and video galleries are conducted with Ajax that allows you sort the pictures into various groups based upon your preference.
The theme includes shortcodes for fast creating button varieties, content boxes, tabbed articles, toggled content, slideshows, image sliders, tooltips, social media buttons, protected content, author info, quotations, column designs, pricing tables, customized list fashions, corporate pricing tables, drop caps, and client testimonials. Additionally, it has translation ready .mo and .po files that you may use to localize your website’s theme.


The Chameleon Theme’s most important feature is the capability to change your site’s color schemes to fit your preference at any time. This can readily be done using the theme’s Live Theme Customizer. You can choose between different background colors, textures, and font styles.
The theme transforms your WordPress website into a portfolio site whilst still retaining the essential blog features. The Chameleon Theme also has a customizable footer widget where you can add text, pictures, and other pieces of code.
For broader customization needs, you will need to use the theme’s ePanel Theme Options. This backend dashboard features permits you to change favicons, manage SEO tags, change fonts styles and dimensions, upgrade navigation menus, handle ads, and alter a whole lot of different features.
The Chameleon Theme also includes three distinct slider design styles, seven pre-made page templates, and five different portfolio designs. It also includes short codes for producing boxes, buttons, quotations, testimonials, pricing tables, drop caps, customized list styles, author info, tooltips, password protected material, columns, social networking boxes, tabbed content, and picture sliders.
As a portion of Elegant Theme’s theme database, purchase of this Chameleon Theme is backed with a dedicated customer support staff. This also allows you to find totally free theme updates.


Aggregate is a magazine-type WordPress theme that prominently showcases a picture slider on its homepage. The theme also lets you make unique widgets on the site if you want to add more personalized content for your website. With these additional widgets, you might create a Photostream, a Recent Videos Player, or even a Popular Posts slider.
The Aggregate Theme comes with an integrated Live Theme Customizer that lets you alter the website’s background colour, texture overlays, and font designs real time. The theme also has optional footer widgets at which you might add other text, pictures, advertisements, or other parts of code.
Together with the theme, you might choose from eight different page templates. Additionally, it has a responsive design which makes viewing the site in other screen screens simpler.
Shortcodes included in the Aggregate Theme are for producing social networking boxes, buttons, quotes, pricing tables, drop caps, customized record styles, tooltips, picture sliders, password protected material, testimonials, columns, author info, tabbed content, and boxes.

Origin WordPress Grid According Portfolio Theme

The Origin Theme is your go-to WordPress theme for showcasing cute and easy cover photos of your blog entries. It could match bloggers and writers who don’t prefer walls of text in their site’s homepage but rather entice people with beautiful graphics .
The Origin Theme is grid-based, meaning it’s left oriented primary menu and the articles are arranged in block grid throughout the main page. This gives your website a clean look.
The theme includes seven premade page templates for generating sitemaps, innovative search webpages, penis login pages, picture galleries, portfolio pages, blog feed pages, and contact types. Shortcodes included in the theme are for producing quotations, image sliders, customized list fashions, tabbed articles, buttons, password protected content, boxes, testimonials, drop caps, customized list styles, tool tips, columns, and writer info.
You can personalize the theme to fit your brand by using the Live Theme Customizer or through the ePanel Theme Options. During the former, you can choose between six colour schemes (gray, blue, green, orange, crimson, and purple); boundary, sidebar, and menu colours; and font styles. The latter personalization option will allow you to create more changes on the theme’s physical design and layout. It will also let you manage the backend analytics, advertisements, and optimize the site for search engines.  For more WordPress WooCommerce themes, try this.

DeepFocus WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

A theme that lets you turn your site into a functional photograph gallery, Deep Focus is perfect for photographers. It is sleek, contemporary, and easy on the eyes–your viewers would have to visit a photo gallery of your job, also by clicking on those images, they would get to browse and find out more about what you are doing, and what you may provide. With this theme, you can pick from 5 different colour schemes–so you can be sure that you’d find out that would best suit your taste and would enhance the quality of your site!

What is great is that Deep Focus has browser compatibility, meaning that you’d be able to reach more people in only a brief quantity of time. Additionally, it makes use of complete localization so that your content could be interpreted depending on where your readers are, so making sure you’d have more followers, so they’d see that you really look after them. With the help of all shortcodes, a bevy of page templates and layouts, and a highly completely responsive design, it would be simple for you to showcase your abilities in your own blog. It’s always important to make sure photos get to communicate what you are trying to sayand with the help of Deep Focus, you’d surely have the ability to achieve that and more!  We’ve also got some minimalist themes for WordPress here.

Evolution Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

A totally responsive WordPress theme that includes 4 evenly great designs that could adapt to almost any screen or browser, Evolution is a great choice for prolific bloggers! So many themes will be the reader using the cursor to scroll up or down a page, but not this one. Its design enables it to accommodate whatever device the reader is using without ruining the aesthetics of your site! In this way, readers will fully appreciate your articles, and would keep on needing to see more–truly vital to your future of your website!
Evolution uses a secure and legitimate code, which means that any design or design that you would use to liven up your blog was made with accuracy, and also the very best coding integrity, assisting you to make certain your site would be of premium quality! It includes the ePanel choice which allows you to use various colours, fonts, search engine optimizers, along with other important features that can make your site even better. What is more is that by downloading this theme alone, you’d get instant access to 387 more amazing themes–just like that!


If you’re searching for a WordPress theme that would be perfect for your online store, and make sure you’d get admired in your niche, look no farther because eStore is the correct fit for you! This theme is a fuss-free, simple to configure, and easy to navigate theme that’s made just for internet sellers. It will let you display high quality images of the products you’re selling, together with short descriptions, and you might even make shopping easier for your followers by means of utilizing the Simple PayPal shopping cart plugin! This way, transactions would be done in a fast, reliable, and easy method!  Here are some great eCommerce WordPress themes.

Aside from PayPal, you might also add the shopping cart plug-in of your choice with just a few clicks. Besides, you could enhance the design of your site morethanks to the”open ended” coverage that eStore utilizes. This just suggests that you’d be more in control of your website–exactly what you would like if you want to succeed in the online shopping niche. Take advantage of different layouts, fonts, and shortcodes that would make you look as if you’re a web design expert, and also get support from smart tech experts. Certainly, using eStore are such a breeze!


In classic black and white, it’s simple to see that Straightforward Press lives up to its title. It’s fantastic for minimalists who’d like to keep things direct, and make sure that there aren’t any unnecessary components that may hinder the reader away from getting the complete gist of the site, and appreciating it for what I is. Improved to be slick and crispier, you’d find a functioning JavaScript Slider that allows you to demonstrate your readers the most up-to-date and greatest from your website –so you could easily get their attention! The theme is also perpetually updated, which means you may make sure that it will forever at the moment, and that it would work as quickly as you want it to.
Your site would be made even better with the assistance of this theme’s lovely gallery section, where readers might easily keep tabs on what has been happening with your brand, and a”blog” section where you could be more comprehensive, and help them know what you’d wish to communicate in a certain moment or so. Choose from 5 unique designs, and enhance it more along with your choice of gear, of desired. Certainly, with the assistance of Simple Press, your site would look classy–but not left !

Gleam Full Screen WordPress Portfolio Theme

What is unique about it’s that it allows you to choose a background for the many pages of your site, offering them their very own exceptional appeal. This way, readers would truly be prompted to read whatever you have written–and could have a great visual experience when doing this! This so happens because Ajax loading is used by Gleam to make sure pages and slideshows would load fast, and wouldn’t complicate things!
Another amazing thing about Gleam is it includes a complete screen gallery that you could personalize and turn to your very own portfolio. By doing so, you’d easily be able to showcase what you’ve got in store for your followers with no interrupting your additional content–and that is not something that other themes can do for you! It’s also entirely responsive, and has great browser compatibility, so making certain that studying would be easy for your followers, and potential ones, too! By making use of Gleam, you’d have the ability to inject both fantastic aesthetics and content on your blog–and certainly, it would prove to be the best website there is!

Webly WordPress Software Revenue Page

If you are looking for a theme which uses classic elements while making certain that it works fast, Webly just might be the right theme for you. It has a content pub and multimedia slider which allow readers to easily know what to expect from your blog, and see significant information, such as a contact page, portfolio, and much more! As webmaster, you won’t be needing a hard time utilizing the theme because you’d easily see tools, such as shortcodes, site templates, and colors that you can use to enhance the appearance and feel of your site.

Webly can easily be enhanced with the help of habit short codes that allow you to produce sharp and smart designs that are perfect for all those niche you are thinking about. You would never feel frustrated thinking that you couldn’t make your website better when you really could. You could also make use of page templates, such as site maps, about me, contact, and even galleries, also. And of course, you could expect high browser compatibility, as a result of its responsive design, too. Upgrades are also given regularly, and you could also use support from their amazing tech team, also! Simple, sleek, and professional–those create the Webly experience worthwhile!

True to its title, TheStyle is perfect for fashion bloggers who’d like to showcase their work, and make sure that their blog boasts of world class appeal. TheStyle has this modern design with a timeless touch, featuring Ajax loading sliders that readily show your readers your own words and photographs, helping define your place in the world of fashion. Nowadays, if you want to be taken seriously as a fashion specialist, you’ve got to ma sure your website offers an enhanced visual experience whilst still having allure –TheStyle would help you attain this, and much more!
Up to three articles in newspaper style would show up in nicely laid-out columns on your screen. This way, readers would readily be able to determine what they’d want to read, and yet they’d still have some gist of what your other posts are around, too. It’ll improve traffic on your site, and because the theme is SEO ready, you can opt to optimize your articles so they would readily show up online–which makes sure you’d gain more followers in the future! Who knows? Sooner or later, you may be the following Anna Wintour! For the time being, make use of TheStyle, and certainly, it is going to provide you the next that you deserve!

Magazines are known to possess unbelievably artistic yet comprehensible designs, and what better way to accomplish that than to use a theme that is made just to turn your blog into an online magazine–none besides TheSource, of course! This WordPress blog has lots of elegance which enables content to be exhibited in an aesthetically-pleasing manner_3–without making the display seem cramped or anything of the type! It has high functionality, meaning that however peppered your site is, it won’t have difficulty showing up on different browsers and devices–making reading easy for your followers.
With the support of a full-width homepage and a three-column grid, you can be sure that your content will find the display time and recognition it deserves. Your readers would be in awe of how fast your site operates, and be amazed with your choice of layout as it’d feel as they’re reading an actual magazine! You can spruce up it by using the ePanel option which has a great choice of fonts, colors, and styles! Additionally, you’d be glad of just how stable it is, too! Certainly, with the assistance of TheSource, your site would be the go-to page of several –and it’s going to be considered as the origin of what they want to understand!


Sometimes, there is nothing better than reading a site that’s straight to the point, and amazing in its simplicity. This theme is stripped down to basics–but has incredibly rapid sliders, and great performance in regards to working on several different devices–automatic unlimited scrolling included! It gives great restraint with five easy color schemes, and beautifully elegant fonts that you would surely want to utilize. It comes with complete localization that makes it easy for readers everywhere to comprehend what it is you are trying to say.
Even if you have no clue how to code, you would be able to relax because Modest has built-in shortcodes which you can use–and these really turn out to be great, and not amateur-looking. You’d be seen as a professional in your market with the support of the always dependable ePanel alternative where you can tweak things in your site, and flip it into only the finest it could be. This theme is really elegant in its own purity and is never loud or overly much. If you would like to serve your viewers something that is refreshing and honest, try Modest and see what it could do for you!

My Cuisine

These days, food sites have been all over the place, and it’s not tough to see why. If you’re a certified food lover who would like to record your culinary adventures, or whether you are starting an online business that involves foodcatering or catering, and so on, why not try MyCuisine? This WordPress theme has a rustic, vintage feel that allows you to showcase photos of tasty foods or products with some descriptions, and people can click on them to get the full disclosure. It is easy on the eyes, and easy to work with, also!
However, you could also use MyCuisine for other kinds of companies, any site you have in mind. After all, it is highly customizable, using a selection of four colour themes that functions nicely with its aesthetic. You can also make use of different page templates, so you can just add content and post it immediately –no need to be knowledgeable in HTML and the like! Improving the website is also simple, thanks to built-in shortcodes and layout patterns which you could pick from. With the help of MyCuisine, you’d be able to supply a world-class studying experience to your own followers –and that happens with only a few simple clicks!

Elegant Estate

Imagine being able to sell properties only through a website: that is what Elegantestate can perform to you, and more! This theme was curated for the requirements of real estate agents, and anyone who’s considering procuring properties like homes, and lands of different sorts. Using its charismatic, yet straightforward and bright allure, Elegantestate is sure to bring you more readers, and more customers, giving you lots of earnings in the long run. It’s basically all of the alternatives and plug-ins you have to be prosperous in this niche–while making certain that using it is a breeze!
With features like Google Maps integration, a picture gallery, price and contact listings, slideshows, available properties directory, and more, setting a real estate business will not be as hard as you think it’s going to be. What is more is that you can pick from various theme options which can make your site better, and make you seem like a professional in your area! There would be no more need to hire a tech professional, and should you encounter problems, there’s a tech support team that may assist you! By making your site truly your own, you’ll be more inspired to get you best at the office. Really, Elegantestate can make everything for you!

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