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Shop, Ultra Simple eCommerce WordPress Theme



Shop, eCommerce, WooCommerce Theme

Shop calls itself the ultimate e-commerce team. Well, I’ll be the judge of that. I do think that it has a slim and trim style that could be great for almost any sort of project. If you’re selling fashion, tech gadgets or even digitally downloadable products, Shop is a fine example of what is possible with woocommerce or your favorite e-commerce plugin. This template has a variety of short codes, tons of different page templates and a responsive grid style that is fabulous. There are featured videos, gravity forms compatibility and a ton more. If you want to make selling products easy as it is profitable, this theme is a great starting point. If you need to customize, easy to use and it delivers a massive amount of user experience right out of the box. You don’t even need a lot of extra plugins to achieve a great-looking website with this template.

Created by Organic Themes, here’s what the developer has to say about their template. I couldn’t agree more with everything they have to say about it. I think this theme is a really fantastic example of modern e-commerce themes. Sometimes, themes rely too much on page builder plugins and that is not a trap that organic themes falls into. Organic Themes uses their own proprietary system to create delightful end results.

Shop was created to work with the popular and free WooCommerce and Exchange plugins. Creating a beautiful storefront has never been easier. Begin selling products within moments after setting up the theme.

The design is clean, modern and flexible — accommodating a wide variety of brands and products. The featured slider is capable of showcasing products or posts with the simple switch of an option. The theme is constructed from our Seed framework — featuring a responsive grid, retina optimization, a variety of page templates, shortcodes, featured videos, WooCommerce and Gravity Forms compatibility and much more. Shop makes selling products online easy as pie.

Okay, so that is someone out of words describing this theme, but what about the looks? It’s really important to have a stylish looking theme, even if it has tons of features. Features aren’t everything, looks or something. I’m not sure what any of that means. I really don’t care.

Shop Theme, Organic Themes Clean eCommerce Template

You know how much we love a great eCommerce theme, that’s why we have taken the time to select dozens of fantastic options for you if that’s what you’re looking for. All we do, all day, day after day, we find amazing Ecommerce themes to help you run a successful business. That’s it, that’s all. Seriously, that’s all we do. Sometimes it gets to be a bit of a grind, but we just keep at it. If you need a fantastic theme to sell some products online, Shop is a fantastic option. I like to say fantastic, fantastic is a fantastic work. Anyway, I think that you will enjoy this theme, however, there are multiple other e-commerce options out there that could fit the bill for what you were looking for. That’s why they invented horse racing, that’s a phrase that I’ve heard in the past. I’m not sure that it actually is. Anyway, have a look at that collection, I’m sure there’s something that you might enjoy.

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