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Shopkeeper Flat WooCommerce Personal Blogging Theme

Shopkeeper is a stylish and modern, enjoyable and functional theme for selling your products with eCommerce. ECommerce WordPress themes have come quite a distance in the past couple decades and Shopkeeper delivers an excellent user experience and a boatload of features that make running your internet shop a breeze. There are showcase features for your products, in addition to customer testimonials, a shopping catalog, header options and a light version and a dark version, so the kind of presentation is your decision. Shopkeeper also supplies components like current products, favorite products, best selling products, pie graphs and graphs, as well as a number of other shortcode driven components that help build a special and easily navigable theme.

What is more, Shopkeeper integrates Visual Composer plugin that enables you to construct pages with their own distinct layouts for each one of your posts, pages as well as the landing page of your site, with a’drag and drop’ feature that’s easy to use and customizable on both front and back end editors. It likewise incorporates a Revolution Slider plugin to webmasters who’d really like to create striking slideshows to your specialty. From products to portfolio pieces, you are able to give a striking design and fantastic responsiveness. ECommerce has never been easier than with Shopkeeper. Build a blog too, it is pretty straight-forward with Shopkeeper.

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