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Showcase, Bold WordPress Portfolio Theme




Organic Themes has been one of the leaders in WordPress theme development for quite some time now and for some reason, I haven’t gotten around to reviewing one of their most popular themes called Showcase.  That’s about to change.

Showcase is a very stylish portfolio, it’s got a clean and modern look and it uses a dark background to really set off the text. I think that showcase is perfect for displaying all sorts of artwork or video. The beautiful and simple layout is completely unique, the clean typography and minimal style design lets the viewer or reader focus on your artwork. There are absolutely no distractions allowed with this template. You get a custom post type for creating portfolio projects and the added option to filter your portfolios on the homepage. That way you can show exactly what you want to show right up front, drawing the most attention possible to your most important work. This theme was constructed from the seed framework, that’s the framework that powers almost all of organic themes offerings. It’s got a responsive grid, retina image optimization and plenty of different page templates, featured videos, WooCommerce support and tons of short codes. For a minimum of a yet powerful portfolio, show case is ready to get started helping you promote your work.

This is Showcase.

Showcase, Creative, Professional Portfolio for Freelancers

Attractive, well organized and simple, there’s a lot to like about this theme.  For more minimal style WordPress themes, we’ve built a collection of hand selected themes that you might really enjoy.  Or, they might make you irrationally angry.  It’s up to you.

Oh, hey, check out these solid themes for building an online portfolio.

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