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SKRN, Clean eCommerce Video Theme

I guess it was just a matter of time before somebody came up with a WordPress theme like SKRN. This theme, which I guess is probably pronounced “screen” was built on the Underscores framework, which is a personal favorite of mine. The layout is totally responsive, it’s perfect for Content restriction websites, sort of like Hulu or Netflix. If you want to have a your own movie or television Studio, a theme like SKRN might be a good choice.

This clean, minimalist and modern looking theme includes a media library with search and ratings functionality, easy content restriction areas, membership plans and even free trials.  It’s a really cool plugin and I think it helps make for a great business model.  Selling subscriptions is always a nice way to get a little cash flow going.


I’ll be honest, I’m surprised by one thing.  This theme has sold over a dozen times in the first couple days on the market.  I’m stunned that there’s that sort of demand for what is basically a very niche web template.  Go figure, right?

This theme is tablet and mobile friendly so you’ll have full control over how your website looks on any sort of device. It’s translation ready and very easy to customize. This full feature were pressing him has features like eCommerce membership platforms, a video player and a drag-and-drop page builder.

Key features of this WordPress name include the ARMember membership plugin which is included. This is a One-Stop solution that helps sell WordPress subscriptions, it’s a user registration plugin, it’s got user profiles and a lot more. And you’ll never have to know how to program to use it. The boosted elements add-on is also included, this allows you to easily create sliders, pop-ups, maps and much more. This is a really premium plug in and not available on very many websites.  I’m sure there are other eCommerce WordPress themes that could do this, but I really do like the SKRN theme since it’s dedicated to the task.

Check out our other video WordPress themes.  You might find something you like there.  We’ve tried to find a really wide range of themes to include in that collection and we add to it almost constantly.  You can expect to find something incredible if you keep coming back, so please bookmark us for later reference.

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