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Some Skillfully Built WordPress Personal Blog Themes You’ll Love

We want to help find you the best WordPress website themes we can find. If you would like to blog, no matter what topic interests you and your viewers and no matter what your objective is, whether it’s simply to express yourself or to make money, you require a web site that allows you to make an attractive WordPress own site and these amazing blog themes provide an incredible reader experience. That is where these themes fit in. We have found what we believe are the greatest personal blogging themes on the internet. We’ve aimed to come across the best WordPress blog themes accessible. These private WordPress blog themes are easy and have a whole lot of features to create blogging very simple and fun. And if you’re trying to make some cash, they can let you do this too. WordPress private blog themes

Howdy people, welcome to BlingThemes latest supplying: Slick. Slick is An easy, but appealing parallax theme, perfect for your portfolio, private WordPress blog or anything you need to throw it. This one even works as a cool one page theme. Slick is simple to use, but powerful enough to produce a really amazing appearance, right from the box.

Divi is among the most impressive themes to come together in the past Couple of months. Divi is a true multipurpose theme, with a lot of layouts and features included. Personal blogs will look great with this lively theme from Elegant Themes. We think you are going to adore just about everything about this one, from the functionality to the slick and modern design, the assistance from Elegant Themes and on top of that, the price. Divi is a real powerhouse and maybe the only theme you ever need to buy. Enjoy it!

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Corner WordPress Straightforward Blog Theme Your amazing content. Look at how slick this item is? There is no room for your own content to slink to the corners of the webpage, it’s all right there in front of your face. We enjoy that. But Corner is still an entirely premium WordPress theme constructed for personal blogging use. Using Corner you can easily exhibit your work, ideas, pin things and sell anything. Corner is so flexible you can transform your website in whatever you wish, even all of the colours out of its powerful control panel. This webpage is completely widgetized!

Milo That still packs in enough features to make sure you can use this theme for a wide variety of projects, such as, for instance, a portfolio or more. It’s clean and lovely with that minimalist style that is really popular these days, so it does not matter exactly what you want to blog about, Milo is going to look great and provide you all the features you want.  Milo is also a big part of our collection of minimalist WordPress themes.


Howdy folks, welcome to BlingThemes latest offering: Shiner. Shiner Is a sisimpleut appealing parallax theme, ideal for your portfolio, private blog or whatever you need to throw it. Shiner is easy to use, but powerful enough to produce a really amazing appearance, right from the box.


This is Throne, a totally well designed, easy personal fashion blog theme for WordPress. Throne uses responsive design and a well thought out typography setup to make a blog theme that is perfect for advertising your product or only letting people know exactly what you’ve been up to. Throne includes a cool full display background image option too, so you’ll have a great deal of choices to create this theme look just the way you want it to.

Breeze Breeze incorporates fantastic aesthetic design and style and fabulous assistance. Breeze will simply let you connect with your satisfied audience anywhere they may be. Breeze is a great looking, wonderfully responsive WP theme and Breeze is made to make your blog posting process as quick and easy as it can be. Outstanding! You’ll like this personal WordPress themes.

Mary Poppins Mary Poppins features outstanding aesthetic design and remarkable assistance. Breeze should comfortably assist you to connect to all of ones reliable visitors irrespective of where they might be. Mary Poppins is an excellent looking, superbly blogging theme and Breeze will surely create your blogging and site-building process as essential and image perfect as you can. Nice! You will truly love this ideal blog WordPress themes. Mary Poppins could be among the best WordPress website themes around, if you need a feminine looking website.

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Proxy Proxy possesses very great visual design and style as well as exceptional assistance. Breeze will easily permit you to reach out to those dedicated audiences everywhere they may be. Proxy is a great looking, incredibly WordPress blog theme and Breeze is able to help to create your blogging and site-building experience as easy and picture perfect as you can. Fantastic! You will enjoy this private WordPress theme. WordPress personal blog themes may be a great solution in the event that you actually require a own WordPress blog theme. This is logical.

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Electra could be a perfect personal blog for your own nest website, but it might be just as great as a creative service site, a design studio site or possibly a company webpage. Electra is that flexible. Electra boasts outstanding artistic design and cool advice. You’ll adore this private WordPress theme. Breeze will probably only let you contact all your trusty trusted audience everywhere they are. Electra is an excellent looking, exceptionally blogging theme and Breeze has been made to assist to make your weblog as fast and faultless as you can. Wonderful! Maintain the best WordPress blog themes coming Tesla Themes! We have reason to believe they will keep providing the finest in WordPress private blog themes.

Revoke If a private style blog theme is what you are after, Revoke will help. It’s more than only a blog theme though, because Revoke is incredibly flexible. You will truly love this ideal WordPress themes for blogs. Revoke possesses fantastic visual design and also superior guidance. Breeze will probably straightforwardly give you the ability to contact all your current reliable visitors everywhere they could be. Revoke is a great looking, particularly responsive WP theme and Breeze is going to make your weblog time as simple and compact as is possible. Impressive! Revoke really is one of the greatest WordPress website themes on the market.  For more WordPress Woocommerce themes, here you go!


Lucid is a clean and fantastically well appointed. It’s an easy and You’ll enjoy this personal WordPress theme. This almost unbelievably straightforward and impressive portfolio WordPress theme is stocked with unquestionably perfect features which make it very simple to design and make a portfolio site quite fast!

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Vernum You’ll like this best blog themes WordPress. Parallax has never looked so cool. That’s Vernum. Highlight pretty much any goods or favorite services using an excellent looking one page parallax WordPress site. Displaying your job with parallax scrolling layout is tops and can be an amazing feature pretty much everyone will appreciate. This theme is guaranteed to be a terrific parallax style template for any kind of businesses and agencies which would love to show off their work at a very new manner. This cool brand new template is bound to stagger and stupify all of your traffic using its super-cool animated sequences and adjustments which make your site behave incredibly natural. The 100% responsive portfolio space is nicely crafted and strong and might be easily customized by using just a few clicks. Get with the parallax revolution and start a private WordPress theme site now! We’ve got reason to think they will continue providing the best in WordPress personal blog themes.

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Blogdrops Masonry hasn’t looked better which makes this among the best WordPress blog themes on the market. You’ll adore this personal blog themes. Blogdrops is a slick looking grid WordPress theme that is funny, crisp and totally ready for your photos! Well suited for modern fashion portfolios, advertising agencies and more. Possibly a wedding photography firm trying to find a brand-new theme to re-imagine your look? It is so simple, it is ridiculously strong. Blogdrops is 100% responsive and fluid also, so it will look great on any type of system. We really love the design of this WordPress website theme.

Klaus Klaus is among the WordPress personal blog themes which have a little funk in their game. You’ll enjoy the hell out of this easy WordPress website themes. Klaus is a Bootstrap 3.0 constructed theme that is ready for your personal blogging content and much more. Klaus is a simple, spotless, and glamorous multi-purpose theme that changes to any display picture resolution. This is certainly probably the best templates. Easily flip an assortment of images into a slideshow. So it’s safe to say Klaus would make for a fantastic portfolio site also. Speedily modify regions of the design using a built-in alternatives panel. Choose and post your own logo picture. This innovative style is awesome, classy and practical. That is to say wise. Klaus is a superb way to display every part of your hard work. Klaus is an amazing and well coded layout, overflowing with a copious quantity of amazing abilities in addition to some other accessories to make the page feel and behave exactly the manner you desire it to. Should you want a WordPress blog theme, give this one a spin. Purchase


With fantastic responsiveness comes excellent WordPress. And some of the Best blog themes, like Booklet, are completely rebuilding exactly what a site is all about. They’ve re-thought what it’s to navigate a website. That’s responsiveness. Booklet is a stunning, image-centric WordPress private blog theme. You will enjoy the heck out of the personal blog themes. This very straightforward and mighty theme is totally packed with tops tools that make it a breeze to set a portfolio fresh WP site fast!


There’s nothing between your readers as well as your own content. The best blog Themes, such as Wintersong and StudioPress, are completely re-imagining private blog themes. They have removed everything which doesn’t matter, and let’s with a striking and even stunning private blogging theme that’s minimalist, sleek and fast. Your audience will adore them. Visually, it’s appealing. With great articles, your readers will be absolutely blown away. This is only one of the greatest WordPress website themes we have seen so far.



Is Venus her title? Stands to reason, does not it? Because this theme is lovely. It’s stunning, it’s lightning fast. Goddess is utterly delightful and perfect for a large variety of the best best WordPress site themes websites, from personal pages to corporate blogs. Sales pages to tech magazine. Anything you can think of. With Goddess, you are going to be up and running quick. Loads of options, a modern style and more make Goddess a huge hit. Goddess is just one of those WordPress themes for blogging that just does everything you want. Stuffing many different amazing varieties of layout to prominently promote your material. Goddess is designed to keep functioning, ideal for a portfolio, personal blog and also a small business site. I really like WordPress single page themes with demo data ready to export and this theme, Goddess. has it. Why am I excited about demo data! This is one of the best WordPress website themes you won’t soon forget.


We have come to the end of the street with this collection of WordPress Personal website themes. But we upgrade this collection frequently! So if you Need to find a fantastic WordPress theme for writers, a WordPress blog theme If you did not see whatever you liked, possibly try these hot categories.

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