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This well built, multipurpose, reliable theme is called Storfie.  Storfie is an incredibly fresh and lovely theme that makes it possible to develop your business.  Hey, you want to promote existing items?  Promote some new stuff?  Administer dhipping and delivery, as well as inventory?  Storfie can get the job done.  You’ll even be able to communicate with potential customers and launch new items.  The list goes on and one, there’s so much more.

Storfie claims to have a very high conversion rate for WooCommerce themes, which is a great thing, since you want to capitalize on every bit of hard earned traffic you can lure to your website.  It’s crucial in this day and age, there are so many sites competing for a limited share of traffic.  And with the real rise in eCommerce sites ans so many people shopping online, now is definitely a good tome to set up your shop.

Storfie’s developer is deTheme and they said this about Storfie.

Storefie is a well-designed eCommerce with high-conversion-rate in mind. This theme is very flexible and packed with options that make website development an easy task. It has a fluid and fully responsive layout design to make sure that your visitors will have an awesome viewing experience each time they go to your website.

Now, here are my biggest concerns, Storfie has only a 3.62 rating out of five stars on ThemeForest.  That’s pretty low, to be honest, well below average.  Sure, it’s sold over 200 times, but with that low a rating, there are some definite red flags.  I wanted to delve deeper into the reasons why Storfie might have such a poor rating.

Looks like the culprit may be poor support.  Here’ s a recent comment on ThemeForest.

Hi, It has been 4 days since anyone from your tech support replied back to me about my issue and it is been more than 1 and a half week since my issue is pending. My site was hanging due to unresponsive owl carousel and jquery. But after you people started to fix the issue, my site is not opening at all now and nobody is responding why it is not working. I am really disappointed at customer service you guys are giving that too when I’ve paid for it. Please reply back with the solution or atleast inform me that you can’t fix the issue at all.


Now, in deTheme’s defense, they handled it relatively quickly, but the buyer shouldn’t have to be hunting around to find a solution to their problem for a week and a half.  That’s a long time to sit there with website issues and that can cost a business a lot of money.

I’d say, all in all, I’d probably avoid this theme and look for something better.

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