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Beatrix, WordPress Theme for Selling Hand Crafted Items

Beatrix handmade wordpress ecommerce theme

This is Beatrix, a WordPress theme that was made for selling hand crafted products.  Sort of like your very own private Etsy shop.  But instead of splitting the commission with Etsy, you get to keep it all for yourself!  Pretty great deal, right?

So, this is what Tesla Themes says about Beatrix, just so you know what you’re getting if you choose to download this theme.

Beatrix WordPress Theme was built with creatives in mind which meet & fits any kind of your crafts business. It’s a shopping theme with an exquisite clean design. Beatrix is a perfect choice for a clothing store, digital store, watch store, luxury jewelry, accessories store and many more, you name it!

Beatrix is designed to be fully responsive, it will make your site look amazing on different screen resolutions such as smartphones and tablets. This is one of the best options to reach the customers who use smart devices.

With a wide range of elements available, you can create stunning features for the website to meet & fit any kind of the business you’re targeting with a peace of mind. So, it totally helps you save much time and money. Built in Visual Composer plugin allows to create unlimited page variations.

Beatrix uses WooCommerce as the shopping cart and it’s the industry standard, basically.  WooCommerce is powerful right out of the box but with some addons and extensions, Beatrix can become everything you need.  Run affiliate programs, easily manage shipping all around the world and a lot more

Created by Tesla Themes, Beatrix has great support and lot of helpful documentation to help get you started.  The design is modern and clean, perfect for hand-made goods.  There are even a couple different variations you can use to make this theme really look like you want it to look.

Here’s a glance at those designs. - Handmade Shop WP Theme TeslaThemes

All that for just $58, that’s a slammin’ deal.

Oh yeah, if you *did* want to create an Etsy clone, you could use Dokan to get that done.

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Infowazz, Modern Viral Content Magazine Theme – Just another Your SUPER-powered WP Engine Multisite Install site

I suppose this theme is trying to cash in on the hype surrounding the site infowars (yuck!) but honestly, this theme looks nothing like the site with Alex Jones’ delusional, psychotic ramblings* but a name is a name and what’s in a name?

Created by a theme-maker called Mazda, Infowazz is a nice looking theme, I’d say.  The layout is clean, clear.  I like the promotional areas at the top, I think with the right images, this theme could really get some attention.  Blogging about or actually writing news of any kind, man the competition is high!  Celebrity gossip, breaking political events, weather reports and all of that, there are tons of sites dedicated to each one, so standing out can be a challenge.

Infowazz is responsive, it’s clean and clear in terms of layout, it’s flexible and well coded.  It’s only garnered 100 or so sales in the year it’s been out and the reviews are mixed at best, it gets a 4.2 overall rating.  Not great, but not the worst I’ve ever seen either.

* this is only my opinion.

Here’s what the developer, Mazda, says about the Infowazz WordPress theme:

InfoWazz is a WordPress theme that lets you write articles and blog posts with ease. It is fully responsive, retina ready and has many powerful features. We offer great support and friendly help!

The InfoWazz theme is excellent for a news, newspaper, magazine or publishing site. It uses the best clean SEO practices, and on top of that, it’s fast, simple, and easy to use. In addition, InfoWazz supports responsive Google Ads and AdSense.

InfoWazz theme is clean, flexible, retina ready and has a fully responsive design. InfoWazz theme is loaded with features, and has powerful customization options. Built with HTML5 & CSS3. It comes with free support on our support forum.

So, I checked out the reviews on Theme Forest, it looks like there are some issues regarding support for this theme.

Don’t purchase this theme if you expect any type of support. It will not happen. DO NOT pay for added support if you do purchase this theme.


So, buyer beware, this theme may not be long for this world.  Once you start losing people because you don’t support the theme, it’s a downward spiral into deletion territory.  Anyways, that’s Infowazz and I think for many, it could be a pretty solid choice for a magazine theme.  Though be prepared to support it yourself.

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Mango, Minimalist WordPress WooCommerce and Blog Theme

Mango is a theme that seems to offer everything you could want in a WordPress theme.  Speed, eCommerce, simple and modern design, this theme does work in a lot of categories, ticks off all the boxes and hardly even breaks a sweat getting it done.

Mango is high quality creative theme with unique style and clean code. Mango can be used for many purposes starting from creative portfolios, agencies, freelancers and much more.

Mango has a lot of great stylish features that we’ll get to in a moment.  This is the design of the classic portfolio front page.

Mango Classic Portfolio Page WordPress

Clean, simple and elegant, it’s a really timeless design.  Not too much going on, but enough to pique your interest, whet your appetite for more and some other thing that people often misspell.

Here’s the shopping page.  Very simple, very straight to the point and no nonsense.  I love this theme for fashion lines, small galleries and other creative companies who want to sell niche products.

Mango WordPress theme WooCommerce SHop Page

So, what’s so great about Mango anyway?  For one thing, it’s a fast loader.  One of the best around, in fact.

Mango Speed Test 97%

So, I just tested it and it’s a 97% right now.  I’ve seen it perform at 100% in the past, so something has changed, but it’s still absurdly quick to load, the requests are reasonable and it just performs well overall.

You can customize your pages individually, or from the theme options panel.  I love that this template uses the native theme options panel and not some bloated, proprietary thing that’s a monstrosity.

Fully multilingual, Mango comes complete with po-mo files so you can use any translation plugin you like to use this theme in any language under the sun.

Unique portfolio styles, beautiful clean pages, over 600 Google fonts for beautiful typography, full WooCommerce support for beautiful online shops, responsive design that’s also Retina display ready, tons of documentation and so much more.  This theme really does offer a lot fora reasonable price of $49.

All that has led to something pretty special Mango is a perfectly rated theme, nothing but 5 star ratings and so far, they have over 50 of them.  That’s really impressive.

If you want simple, purpose built and minimalist without sacrificing any sort of features and performance, this theme is a great choice.

Take care, comb your hair.

Oh wait, one more thing.  Sort of like Columbo here.  If you like this theme, you may be into a couple other themes by the same developer, Proton and Crate.

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Enoire, Minimalist WordPress Lifestyle Blog and Magazine – Just another WordPress site

I’ll tell you, I wish the theme maker Cresudo did a little bit better job of describing this theme, because it’s attractive and well styled, but it’s tough to figure out what this theme is all about.  Enoire is all about style.  Oh yeah, I should mention, don’t confuse Enoire with our great looking free theme called Empire.  Very similar.  It’s a mistake anybody could make.

I’ll do my best to show you what Enoire is all about.

Enoire is a responsive theme, with a lot of industry standard features and functions, such featured posts, sticky navigation and social media icons included.  There are five great looking blog layouts, four post formats for different types of blog posts and four custom widgets to help you build your website with style.  Translation ready and SEO optimized, Enoire includes demo content to help you get your blog up and running quickly.

One more thing, Enoire is a lovely theme in terms of design for personal blog sites and lifestyle blog pages will look fabulous with this theme.  You could even install a recipe plugin to make Enoire a fast loading, beautiful recipe blogging site.  But don’t feel limitd because with a theme that’s this stylish, this fast loading, this flexible, you can do almost any sort of blogging.

Speaking of load times, check this out, the results from Pingdom.

Enoire Speed Check Pingdom

Just a tick over a second load time for a 4.1 MB site?  That’s like greased lightning!  The benefits of a fast loading theme are really clear, they help your content rank and what’s more, people won’t get tired of waiting for your blog posts to load, that means your bounce rate will drop like a stone.

Tons of benefits to that.

I’d really love to see them add WooCommerce support to this theme but, I guess you can’t always get what you want.  Still, the theme works great if you don’t need a WooCommerce solution and with a little CSS styling, you could always adapt it for an online shopping site.

Another theme we recently reviewed by Cresudo is called Coquinessa.  It’s similar in a lot of ways, but laid out a bit differently, so it may be another great option for you.

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Coquinessa, Lifestyle, Recipe and Personal Blog Theme – Just another WordPress site

Well, what Coquinessa provides in styish appearance, it definitely scrimps on the theme description, but that’s okay.  That’s what we’re here for and we’re going to do our very best to figure out what this theme has to offer and what kinds of advantages it provides to users who choose to purchase it.

This theme was made by Cresudo and…you know, what does Cresudo mean anyway?  It’s an anagram of sourced, but I doubt that has anything to do with anything.  But hey, whatever.  Maybe we’re not supposed to know?

Visually, Coquinessa is very attractive, it’s an ideal solution for a lifestyle blog or a personal blog.  But you don’t have to be limited to those angles, add in a recipe plugin and create a lovely recipe site.  There are five different blog layouts, four post formats, four custom widgets, excerpt length control settings and more.

The design is pure style, I love the width of the single column layout and the prominent social media links are going to help you market your content on all the major social networks.  Coquinessa relies more on widgets than it does anything else, which means you’ll never be theme locked by installing this template.  Sure, the style is what it is and you don’t have the massive amount of layout flexibility that you might with a so called ‘premium’ theme that uses something like Visual Composer.  That’s definitely not a bad thing because Visual Composer tends to create bloat and that lowers page load times.

Speaking of page load times.

I took the liberty of doing the site speed checker at Pingdom and the results are strong.

Coquinessa Speed Check Results

For a page that’s nearly 4 MB, 1.27 seconds is very fast.  Optimize that image and you could probably expect to drop the time to well under a second to load up.

Cheetah speed!

If you like this theme by Cresudo, maybe you’ll like the last one we reviewed, it’s called Enoire.  Enoire is another very fast loading theme with elegant, simple and stylish presentation.  That may be a great choice for some of you, but I think you can’t go wrong with either theme.

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Ballard, Modern Personal CV, Restaurant and Agency Theme Personal – Just another Your SUPER-powered WP Engine Multisite Install site

This theme is called Ballard.  Is it named for the neighborhood in Seattle, famous for ultra-rich hipsters and $10 cups of coffee, expensive dive bars and aging hippies with million dollar houses?  If so, I’m not sure it’s hit the mark in terms of design.

Ballard is a incredibly clean, basic and flat vCard or personal resumé theme.  Made by Tommus Rhodus, Ballard has a distinct style, a multi-niche design that works for more than just vCards, there are several different demo styles we’re going to highlight in this post. (PS – Tommus Rhodus created another great theme we just reviewed, it’s called Foundry. It’s a flat, Bootstrap theme for business, so it’s got a lot in common with Ballard here.)

What does Tommus Rhodus have to say about Ballard?  Read on to find out.

Ballard is a finely crafted, minimal WordPress Theme for creative professionals, restaurants, law firms and agencies looking to establish a smart online presence. We’ve gone for a simple approach without a page builder, meaning your site will be easy to use, and most importantly, fast to load with no plugin bloat!

Stand out from the multi purpose crowd with bold templates that bring your resume or portfolio to life. Build a unique agency website that represents the attitude of your brand.  Ballard’s strong restaurant template has a contemporary design edge that blends seamlessly with your business aesthetic.  We think Ballard looks so good, there should be a law against the included legal firm template!

Agencies, personal CVs, restaurants and law firms, that’s the niches that Tommus Rhodus recommends you consider Ballard for.  I don’t know about any of that but I do know a little bit about Tommus Rhodus, enough to know they make really cleanly coded, very popular WordPress themes.  The vast majority of themes they’ve created get rave reviews, averaging 4.8 overall with almost 2500 total reviews so far across all of their themes.

That’s a lot of reviews.

Considering they’ve sold their themes nearly 50k times, they’ve got their game dialed in.  Support is fantastic, the documentation is strong.  There’s really quite a bit to like with all their themes and Ballard is set to join the ranks of the best vCards around.

Here’s the simple, dark background restaurant theme style. Restaurant – Just another Your SUPER-powered WP Engine Multisite Install site

Here’s a strange one, the blue screen of death WordPress theme! Agency – Just another Your SUPER-powered WP Engine Multisite Install site

They’re saying that’s for a design or creative agency.  Sure, why not?  Who needs more than a color and some words?

Well, we’ll be back in the near future to take a crack at more reviews of WordPress gems.  Stay tuned!

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Fenix, GPL Licensed Multi Purpose WordPress Theme

Fenix is something a little bit different.  I know, you’ll look at Fenix’ design, the full screen images, the big text headlines over those images, the stylish professional or personal blog, the portfolio that’s perfect suited for creative agencies, the eCommerce shop that’s ideal for any type of products.  You’ll look at all that and say, that looks like a lot of stuff on the market.  It’s a pretty typical Multi Purpose WordPress theme.

And you’d be right.

But it’s also one of the best looking 100% GPL WordPress theme on the market.  You’ll know because it says this just under the description of the license’s available on Theme Forest.

This item is licensed 100% GPL.

So, GPL, that isn’t the case on every theme, particularly one that has this many features.  Let’s have a peek at what the theme’s developer Evolve Themes, has to say about this template.

Have you ever tried to create a website and, after hours of attempts, the end result wasn’t really what you had in mind?  Fenix is the multipurpose theme we’ve always wanted to build. Born from years of experience, Fenix goal is to provide a tool to go live quickly, with a beautiful presentation and still be easily editable.

Let’s have a look at some of the different styles that are there to be had.  A creative portfolio like Fenix is a great way to make the impression you need to.

Here’s a WooCommerce powered online store, simple looking and elegant, easy to use and easy to navigate through the process of shopping, checking out and paying for products.  It really is easy to use.

Here’s the creative agency design, I really love those bold images.  Now, you may not have such striking images, but whatever you have is going to look great.

Alright, one for the road.  This is just another look at a front page. 

Okay, so, here we go, it’s Fenix.

Six bold demo styles, classic, blogger, shopping, creative, photography and app promotions, they give you the style flexibility to make a great looking website.  Fenix is fast, it’s performance is incredible, layer slider is included, Slider Revolution too and Fenix uses the Brix Page Builder, though it works with Visual Composer and Beaver Builder, as well as Elementor.  If you prefer those page builders, you’re in luck.  If you prefer Visual Composer, I’d recommend you pick a different page builder.

With a responsive design, a classic single column blog layout, a grid blog design, sidebar layouts for every page, post formats support, the Fenix theme really adds a ton to any project.

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Waulah, Pinterest Inspired WordPress Blog Theme

Waulah Infinite Scroll Pinterest Style Theme for WordPress

Got a hankering for some Pinterest style goodness? Have a look at the handsome and talented Waulah theme.

This theme is called Waulah, by a developer called uipro.  This theme may look a little familiar to you, particularly if you spend as much time on Pinterest as I do.  That’s probably because it’s clearly a Pinterest inspired, infinite scrolling blog theme. But you’re not locked into that style, while there is the Ajax infine scroll option, you can also use simple pagination or the Ajax load more button option.

This is what the theme’s developer has to say about Waulah.

Waulah is a premium, clean, modern, feature-rich and easy-to-use grid based infinite scroll news, magazine and blog WordPress theme. It is suitable for wide-range of blog niches such as personal blog, fashion, photography, travel , sports, editorial, news, magazine etc.

The theme is very flexible and super easy to use. It is packed with tons of features, including theme options ( with a lot of customizing options ) and custom widgets. SEO base already built-in with rich snippet microdata for articles.

Enjoy fresh responsive design, amazing new features, complete 1-click demo import & regular theme updates and feature enhancements. And don’t hesitate to ask us for help, we love supporting our customers. If you have a great time with this theme, don’t forget to rate it five star!

An intuitive theme options panel helps you navigate the process of updating your site and lets you create a tailor made blogging site that looks just like you want it to look.  Customize the typography, headers, homepage settings, the blog settings and social networks.

Speaking of social networks, Waulah knows how important social media is to marketing your website, which is why they’re made it easy to share content with simple to configure social share buttons for Telegram, Whattsapp, Viber, Pocket, Odnoklassniki, VKontakte, Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Reddit Google+, LinkkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and, of course, Pinterest.

Responsive design, one click demo data import, mega menu support, structured data markup and more make this a full featured, fast loading and user friendly theme for all occasions.

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Specular, Minimalist WooCommerce WordPress Theme – Responsive Multi-Purpose Theme Just another WordPress site

This is a fantastic minimalist, responsive and multidimensional WordPress theme called Specular.  The Specular WordPress theme offers your company the opportunity to truly ride above the masses, to shine among your bitter adversaries in a manner that is truly exceptional. That sound like something out of Game of Thrones, but I don’t know, I’ve actually never seen it.  I’m like the only person I know who hasn’t seen Game of Thrones.  Whatever.  Specular is an entirely outstandingly, completely adaptable and natively responsive in it’s design, so that websites made with Specular will truly shine, practically leaping off the page and running up to your reader’s eyes, shouting ‘Look at me!’

That is to say, they’ll look fantastic on any computer or device, no matter the size. The various theme options have been thoughtfully brought together and paired up with and 100% proper, Codex Approved code.  That and the refined styling makes Specular a quick loading, eye catching, high-converting solution for company sites. All these advantages continue with the appreciable customization choices built-in in Specular.

Creativity is definitely in no short supply with Specular.  The uses for this theme are endless and your projects, your products too, are going to look fantastic.  Specular is a WooCommerce ready theme, so you can sell all types of products with style.

Specular gives you the relatively unusual choice of letting you swap your website’s layout BEFORE YOU BUY IT, making it look precisely like you’d, well…like.  If you need something a little more exceptional, you’re looking for Specular.  Plain and simple, baby. No other theme available on the market offers this sort of pre-customization so you just purchase exactly what you desire. No matter what attributes you use, the strong Bootstrap 3 framework creates speedy load times, a totally receptive, responsive website and native compatibility with all displays.  Pretty cool, right?

Clocking in at over 5000 sales so far and rapidly climbing, Specular has proven to be a massive hit.  There’s no reason to believe that’s going to stop any time soon, so grab a copy of Specular today!

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Hydra, Fast Loading WordPress Blog and Portfolio Theme - Hydra WordPress Theme

With a claim of blazing speed, I’ve just got to review this theme.  Hydra is a full-featured WordPress theme that has a left and right aligned demo for your pleasure.  With a launch price special of $39, you better get this thing while it’s hot.  For personal blogging sites, professional creative sites and more, Hydra is a dangerous ally to have.  You want to be careful, you cut off the head, two more grow in it’s place.  That can add up after a while.

Hydra has a responsive full page layout, it’s perfect for any of the thousands of different devices folks can possibly access your site with.  That means your pages and posts will look incredible and functionality will remain high on all devices, no matter what.

They’ve included dozens of finely crafted shortcodes to extend the native capabilities of WordPress, easy to configure through the WordPress post editor.  For bloggers of all kinds, that’s an incredibly user friendly way to get a site online and begin to build it’s popularity.

Hydra offers custom widgets you can select from, there are a dozen of them by the way, and Hydra supports all default widgets too, including the new gallery widget available in the newest WordPress 4.9 release.  Read more about that here.

Over 700 Google fonts, the WordPress customize, Hydra is developer friendly and it also contains tons of documentation for easy, user-friendly adjustments to your website.  Retina ready, translation ready into any language, unlimited colors and demo data is included.  That’s a lot of features.

Okay, on to the claim of blazing speed.  So many lies get told, I have to check them on it every time.  I tested this theme from three locations and here’s where it was the fastest, Stockholm, Sweden.  Check it out. speed test

So….yep, fast as can be.  Man, just 37 requests and a 95 grade.  Better than 96% of all themes out there, that’s cheetah speed baby!  Like they say in the advertising copy, nobody likes to wait.  They claim rigorous code optimizations to reduce bloat and I’d say it paid off handsomely.  SEO is going to be a piece of cake with Hydra, that theme is incredibly fast.

So, all things considered if you need a really fast blog and portfolio theme, Hydra could be the answer.

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