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Uncode, Clean and Powerful Multipurpose WordPress Theme


Modern, flat design and a streamlined aesthetic help to make the Uncode WordPress theme a smart choice for professional applications in any industry. The overall feel is one of efficient use of space and highly user-friendly practicality. Native responsiveness allows every element on each page to resize perfectly to display on any monitor or mobile device screen. Uncode also loads quickly and correctly on every internet browser. This ability shows your customers or clients you understand the value of their time and thus forge a respectful rapport from the start. No matter what content or unique design you add, the site visitor experience will be smooth and simple. The Uncode WP theme naturally allows for quality search engine optimization inclusion without much extra effort.

Although Uncode prides itself on simple styling and a clean aesthetic, this theme does offer multiple attention-grabbing elements to entice visitors to stay. One such feature is a collection of high-style CSS3 animated transitions for various icons or elements on the page. Also included are multiple pre-made blog post themes, 15+ portfolio layouts, media galleries and the smooth scrolling function. Unrestricted layout options allow site owners to easily create precise page solutions for whatever content they need to display. The Uncode WordPress theme will not limit your creativity.

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Builder, Responsive MultiPurpose Bootstrap Theme for WordPress

Checking in with one of the most expensive price tags I’ve ever seen, $200, Builder better bring the features, the design and the all-around awesomeness like few others.  In fact, the only theme I can think of that’s more than this one is called Pile, which runs $225 per license.  Pile is maybe worth it, at least it’s close.  We’ll have to see about Builder.

So, what do you get for your $200?

Well, for one thing, you get a theme that has recently been re-built from the ground up.  A complete revival of the original theme we reveiwed over a year ago.  They’ve added tons of new features that will hopefully justify that hefty price tag.  It’s still based on Bootstrap, which is good.  Bootstrap themes tend to load up fast and look good too.

The support is 24/7/365, which is nice.  Who knows when and where you’ll be if things suddenly need to be fixed on your site.  Anything can happen and it usually does.  So, that’s a big checkbox in the ‘recommend’ category.

Builder is responsive, which should go without saying, it’s also retina ready.  WooCommerce is totally supported, meaning you can build a fancy WordPress web store of your own.  One negative, this theme is now built on Visual Composer, which is a lame copout and a terrible, bloated and un-fun plugin that I don’t like.

But to make this an insult sandwich, here are some more great things about builder.  Multiple blog styles, multiple portfolio styles.  Unlimited colors and sidebars too.  Demo data is included for rapid deployment of your new site.  There are a pair of boxed layouts and a pair of widescreen layouts.  Three bold home page styles and a lot more.

Builder is still a great theme, but I worry that that value just isn’t there at a $200 price tag.

So, I decided to check this theme out on Pingdom to see how fast it loaded.  Not great results. speed test

The performance grade is great, meaning they’ve properly set things up in terms of caching, minimizing redirects and all that, but 119 requests?  A load time over 12 seconds?  That’s horrible and for a page that’s only 2.1 MB, that’s really, really slow.

I blame Visual Composer.

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The Qlean, WordPress Housekeeping and Cleaning Service Theme

The Qlean – housekeeper company WordPress Theme

Made to be the ideal web template for cleaning services, housekeepers, commercial and residential cleaners and more, this is The Qlean.  If you’re working hard to grow your cleaning business, you really will want a professional looking website that allows your potential customers to see what it is you have to offer.  And it needs to look great too, you can’t have a janky website that looks bad on mobile devices or loads up really slow.  It’d be really cool if customers could even book appointments online and make payments right from your website.  Well, with The Qlean, they absolutely can.

For the owners of cleaning services, maid services, janitorial and maintenance services companies, we have prepared this new catchy design that will give your website a whole new look. The theme’s layouts include anything you might need to present your firm to your potential clients. Besides a full overview of the services provided, your clients will find a get-a-quote form on your website, using which they will learn a cost for the specific type of work to be performed around their house.

Advanced theme options allow users to customize The Qlean with no efforts. A full pack of shortcodes and custom widgets contributes a lot to quick and easy content and layout management. The Qlean is functionally SEO ready, so be sure your website will be noticeable to your potential customers on the web.

The Qlean, which at $29 for a limited time a total bargain, does all that and more.

The Qlean offers several pre-built pages, creative and attractive ways to introduce yourself.  These layouts are customizable though, so you don’t need to get bogged down or locked into one style, you can switch things up until you find what works for you.  The Qlean theme has one click demo data installation, it installs in just seconds!  Powerful ThemeRex addons are included too, which help manage post types and social media profiles.  Social media is a great way to help get the word out about what you have to offer.  Mobile friendly, The Qlean also has a scrollable swipe effect support, which is pretty cool.  It’s like we live in the future!

SEO optimized, fast loading, attractive and socially connected, The Qlean is a great theme for building your business and building your brand.

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Odessa vCard, DJ, Creative, Personal Trainer and Designer Resumé

Odessa DJ Designer Business and Personal Trainer Theme

Odessa DJ Designer Business and Personal Trainer Theme

More than a vCard, this is a complete solution for your online calling card.  No mater what business you’re in, Odessa has a look that can help make your personal and professional live a bigtime success.  I think the four demo pages are an interesting selection, seemingly random. Creative, corporate, DJ and Fitness?  Hmm.  Who came up with that idea?  Anyway, I’m highlighting this as a vCard because it’s the only one I’d recommend to anybody.  Also, because Visual Composer sucks.

Maintain a Modern & Inspirational Portfolio. If you’re a creative professional, you’ll want to be sure that your portfolio is a stellar reflection of this. The best way to prove yourself to a suspecting client is through your portfolio, as it can be seen as an extension of your work and helps sell your talents to prospective buyers. A Theme like Odessa is a stunning starting point for any creative professional either you are freelancer or agency.

If you need to display your creative work online with a robust canvas of options and with not a pixel out of place, Odessa is a great choice! It’s undoubtedly a high-performance WordPress theme, which tells a story through imagery, fonts and layouts. It can be used to create just about any kind of site you want, and is definitely up for the task of making a stunning portfolio.

That’s what they say.  I say this, anybody using Visual Composer to build a portfolio probably has no idea what they hell they’re doing.   To quote some guy on Reddit.

Each element they use an ajax request to load in the content. Say you had a pretty large page with lots of elements, that’s a lot of requests that most cheap shared hosting slows down on because of CPU usage.

And you get something that looks something like this.

Visual Composer Sucks

So, as a vCard, I think you’ll have fewer issues since you probably won’t have  a ton of images on your site, though maybe I’m just sort of talking out my ass on this one?  Anyway, let me know what you think.

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Onley, Financial Consultants and Business Theme

Onley Financial Business WordPress Theme

Helping businesses find comprehensive solutions.

That may not mean a lot to you, but that’s what they said in the sales copy in the image above.  What does it mean?  Almost nothing, it’s a completely empty and pointless thing to say.  It’s pointless, almost offensively vacuous and a complete waste of time to read.  It.  Means.  Nothing.

So, why did they put it in the copy?  No clue, maybe it’s a type of greeking?  What else did the them developer have to say abou their newest creation, Onley?

Training, Coaching, Consulting & Business WordPress theme is a premium WordPress theme with its design particularly regards to Training and Coaching as well as it enables you to build a wide variety of business websites.

Have a look at some of the more meaningful features included with Olney

  • Fast, intuitive and smart page builder will make your customization fast and easy. You layout will be ready for publishing in a minute.

  • Create stunning slides with different animation effects easily with Revolution Slider.

  • The Finance is ready to use from the box. Quickly install it via FTP or WordPress and after you activate it you can load demo content. Then you can add your own content on already designed pages

  • Install Seville with our powerful one click installer. Get your site up and running in no time!

  • Quick, easy and rocket fast Look of your website on mobile devices is very important these days. So we made sure Seville looks great both on mobile, desktop and retina screens

  • Seville is compatible with most popular WordPress plugin that supports creation of multilingual layouts. Translate your website to any language with WPML.

  • Choose any of the Google web fonts library through powerful theme options panel! Now you can set a unique style for your brand.

  • Seville is compatible with the most powerful and most popular custom contact forms WordPress widget! create your own forms in seconds!

  • Seville enables you to easily override default template files using a child theme. It also enables you updating your theme in the safe way!

  • Seville is based on most popular, well established, powerful vafpress theme options framework Extensive documentation plus great video guides on how to setup and customize

  • Trucking will make your customizations super easy and fast! Seville looks great among all major browsers including IE9+.

So, they’ve managed to call this theme by three different names in that description.  The Finance.  Seville.  Trucking.  This theme is, allegedly, called Onley.   So, what’s the deal? I mean, I’ll say this, at least it doesn’t use Visual Composer.  But those are some red flags, the CTRL C/CTRL V web development doesn’t work for me.

I can’t recommend this thing, it’s a total piece of shit.  Maybe try Rebel.  Or Entrepreneur.

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Antverp, Business and Financial Industry WordPress Theme

Antverp WordPress Personal Business Theme

Insurance for business, sometimes it’s necessary.  So if you’re an insurance agent in need of a website template, consider Antverp.  It’s not just about insurance though, the entire financial industry is what this theme was built for.  But Antverp isn’t just for accounting companies and CPAs, any sort of business advisors could really benefit from this theme.  Companies and private consultants too, maybe even headhunters and search firms?  Corporate financiers, financial management companies, tax services and other types of financial advisors can all use a clcean, corporate theme like Antverp.

The theme developer has this to say about the ANtverp theme.

Great choice for the companies or individuals who provide insurance services, business consulting, investment advising, or tax assistance, is our new WordPress theme Antverp. Antverp has actually a very versatile design, so it can be used for any specific niche to build any business website.

The theme is perfect for mentioning all your key services so that you could establish a reputation of professionalism and reliability. Visual Composer support allows creating more new layouts at your taste. A number of blog styles let you present the most useful information about the niche you present in a more attractive way. This business theme is SEO friendly and totally responsive which is a key factor for user attraction on the web.

Antverp is easily manageable and easy customizable which makes it a perfect option for your business. The theme is optimized to work with such popular plugins, as Visual Composer, Slider Revolution, Essential Grid and more!

Antverp has proven to be pretty popular in the first few days of it’s release, it’s a hot download.  Just three days in, it has been downloaded 7 times already.  At that rate, this theme will be a massive hit.

Responsive design, boxed or full width layouts, multiple sliders, multiple blog and post styles, tons of customizer options and more, Antverp is a powerful business theme you should relaly at least consider.

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Professionals who work in the logistics, trucking or transportation industries will appreciate the uniquely-targeted CargoPress WordPress theme that makes building an online presence simple. Although it has a specific industry focus, this theme is anything but rigid. Every person or company who uses it can use the intuitive backend to customize every page of the site to present exactly what graphical or textual information necessary.

The developers of this WP theme researched and studied the industries they wanted to support with a professional solution. They found speed, organization and efficient workflow permeate these types of occupations and companies and wanted to build a website option that matched. Clean code means quick load times. Neat structure means greater degrees of organization and a clean, minimalistic appearance. No space is wasted and no fussy graphics or features get in the way of content. People who seek out websites focused on transportation and logistics want to find the information they need and not have to weed through stylish accents first.

Administrators and website owners who use the CargoPress WP theme will appreciate the ability to add in multi-functional plugins if other site capabilities are needed. A drag and drop layout builder does not require any special knowledge or experience. The included preview feature makes sure no mistakes appear live online before you have a chance to fix them. For trucking, logistics and other transportation companies, the CargoPress WordPress theme offers the look and feel necessary to present the right face to an online audience.

For nearly any type of business, CargoPress is a stunning and powerful theme.

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13 Floor, WordPress App Theme, Tech and FullScreen Blog

13 Floor WordPress Tech Blog and App Theme

This is 13 Floor, a business and tech theme from Elegant Themes.  Honestly, it’s looking a bit dated at this point in time.  I just looked it up, it came out in 2010, no wonder it looks a little old school.  Maybe it’ll come back in style?  I actually used this theme on a site I had a few years ago and I thought it was pretty good.  If you want a tech theme though, there are better options.  WordPress app themes. WordPress tech support themes.

Here’s what Elegant Themes had to say about 13th Floor.

With this design I wanted to create something edgy, flashy and fun while still retaining an air of professionalism. I really focused on the homepage with this theme in hopes of giving my users the ability to really grab their visitor’s attention. The homepage contains only a collection of page or post-based slides, but still gives you enough room to tell your readers what you’re all about without drowning them in text.

So, what do you get for the money?  Well, let;s take a look at the features and offerings.

Perpetual Updates

Our themes are always updated to ensure compatibility with the latest version of WordPress. As a member, you get free access to all theme updates. You can rest easy knowing that your website will always be running smoothly.

Secure and Valid Code

Our themes use coding best practices to ensure that they are fast and secure. Our themes are W3C compliant and undergo frequent security audits. Our premium themes guarantee a level of quality not always found in free themes.

Browser Compatibility

We ensure that all of our themes are compatible with the most popular internet browsers. It’s important that your website performs well for everyone who visits it.

Complete Localization

All of our themes have been localized for easy translation. Included with each theme are sets of .mo and .po files that can be used to translate the theme, which means you won’t have to spend hours editing PHP files.

Five Unique Colors

13Floor comes with five unique colors schemes to help ensure that there is a style that suits your needs.

Unparalleled Support

We put a ton of effort into providing top-notch tech support to all of our customers. With our dedicated support staff at your back, you can be sure that you will have your blog up and running without a hitch no matter what your experience level is.

Theme Options

The ePanel theme options panel comes with all of our themes, allowing you to easily control your website without ever touching a line of code. ePanel allows you to toggle on and off features, adjust your layout, manage advertisements, control colors, optimize for search engines and more! ePanel integrates with the WordPress Dashboard and will appear automatically when you activate any of our themes.

More Info


Designing and organizing your posts has never been easier. With our large collection of shortcodes, you can create beautiful and complex layouts without having to delve into a sea of complex code. Shortcodes will greatly improve the functionality and variety of your content without the frustration that comes with learning advanced web development techniques.

More Info

Page Templates

Our page templates make your life easier by giving you access to pre-made styles and functions. Each template can be applied to an individual page, transforming the way it looks and functions to create additional and unique forms of content. Easily create galleries, contact pages, sitemaps, blog feeds and much more using the Elegant Themes Page Templates.

Anyway, just thought we’d highlight it in case somebody was interested.

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Wanna talk about great designs and fast, responsive drag and drop page builders?  Well, the time has come to delve a little bit deeper into Technico, from CSSIgniter, one of the top theme makers on the market today.  With Technico, it’s plain to see why, the smooth designs, the well crafted code, the fantastic support.  It’s all there.

Technico is a world class drag and drop page building theme, it allows you to take the blank, but fully widgetized page, and add any sort of content module you want to add.  It’s not complicated in the least, the learning curve is very shallow, you’ll be up and running very fast.  Build a customized one page theme in just minutes.  Then, customize what you’ve created with a hundred customizer controls, finely tuned to help you create the exact color scheme, typography and layout options you need.  Take full control over the design of your site with this powerful options panel.

Technico is completely responsive, so it looks fantastic on any size screen, which is a very handy feature to offer.  This theme is full documented and it will continue to be updated long into the future, because CSSIgniter is here to stay.  The support is great, but you may not need it, since the theme is so intuitive to use and the ability to customize it is so great.  the Technico theme is a wonderful way to get a site built that reflects your style, your taste and has all of the features your website needs and nothing it doesn’t.

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Theme Makers


This is our collection of ThemeFurnace WordPress themes.  One of the finest theme makers around, every one of these themes is high quality and easy to use.


Louis Clean Flat WordPress Theme

Meet Louis, a business theme from ThemeFurnace.  Louis is simple to look at, but incredibly flexible.  This responsive, modern theme is great for business websites, blogs and by installing WooCommerce, you can even set up a full featured online shop to sell products.  I love this theme for tech products like software, SEO services or apps.  It’s clean, smooth running, simple to use and simple to customize.  WordPress is a wonderful platform for nearly any sort of website and with a theme like Louis, you can craft nearly any type of site and have a very successful online venture up and running quickly and efficiently.

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Martial WordPress Writer and Blogger

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MediaPhase WordPress Multipurpose App Theme

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Stacker WordPress grid Layout Portfolio Theme

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Artifact WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

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OneCart eCommerce theme for WordPress

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exposition wordpress writing and personal blog theme

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SinglePage WordPress One Page Theme for Business

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CleanPort WordPress Portfolio Theme

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Blogly Clean and Simple WordPress Blog Theme

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Classique Elegant WordPress Blog theme

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Gridster WordPress Grid Portfolio Theme

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FlatPack WordPress flat blog and general purpose theme

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Cleanbold minimalist WordPress theme

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Elesoft App and Software sales and landing page theme

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ThemeSoft software and creative portfolio theme for businesses

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Whiteside clean flat professional business theme

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Busine WordPress corporate portfolio theme

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Capiton Minimalist blog theme for writers

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Islene Feminine WordPress blog theme with eCommerce

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Framer WordPress theme for businesses

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Lucienne WordPress eCommerce and blog theme combo

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For more amazing theme makers, check these out.