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Mango, Minimalist WordPress WooCommerce and Blog Theme

Mango is a theme that seems to offer everything you could want in a WordPress theme.  Speed, eCommerce, simple and modern design, this theme does work in a lot of categories, ticks off all the boxes and hardly even breaks a sweat getting it done.

Mango is high quality creative theme with unique style and clean code. Mango can be used for many purposes starting from creative portfolios, agencies, freelancers and much more.

Mango has a lot of great stylish features that we’ll get to in a moment.  This is the design of the classic portfolio front page.

Mango Classic Portfolio Page WordPress

Clean, simple and elegant, it’s a really timeless design.  Not too much going on, but enough to pique your interest, whet your appetite for more and some other thing that people often misspell.

Here’s the shopping page.  Very simple, very straight to the point and no nonsense.  I love this theme for fashion lines, small galleries and other creative companies who want to sell niche products.

Mango WordPress theme WooCommerce SHop Page

So, what’s so great about Mango anyway?  For one thing, it’s a fast loader.  One of the best around, in fact.

Mango Speed Test 97%

So, I just tested it and it’s a 97% right now.  I’ve seen it perform at 100% in the past, so something has changed, but it’s still absurdly quick to load, the requests are reasonable and it just performs well overall.

You can customize your pages individually, or from the theme options panel.  I love that this template uses the native theme options panel and not some bloated, proprietary thing that’s a monstrosity.

Fully multilingual, Mango comes complete with po-mo files so you can use any translation plugin you like to use this theme in any language under the sun.

Unique portfolio styles, beautiful clean pages, over 600 Google fonts for beautiful typography, full WooCommerce support for beautiful online shops, responsive design that’s also Retina display ready, tons of documentation and so much more.  This theme really does offer a lot fora reasonable price of $49.

All that has led to something pretty special Mango is a perfectly rated theme, nothing but 5 star ratings and so far, they have over 50 of them.  That’s really impressive.

If you want simple, purpose built and minimalist without sacrificing any sort of features and performance, this theme is a great choice.

Take care, comb your hair.

Oh wait, one more thing.  Sort of like Columbo here.  If you like this theme, you may be into a couple other themes by the same developer, Proton and Crate.

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7 Best Fast Loading WordPress Themes, Quick, Responsive and SEO Friendly

Fast Loading WordPress Themes

Feel the need for speed?  We’ve got you covered with the fastest loading WordPress themes around.

A fast loading website is a great thing to behold.  There’s a lot of reasons for that, but the biggest reason?  It helps your rankings.

No kidding.

Google has decided that a fast loading theme should actually be a ranking factor.  In fact, I’ve found out the hard way that this is absolutely true.  I was using a bloated theme that I won’t name, found that my traffic had slipped a little bit.  Poking around and talking to some SEO friends, I foud out that my site’s load speed may have been a factor.


So, I installed a fast loading theme and the difference has been incredible.  Without doing anything else, I saw a big bounce in traffic and there’s really nothing else I can attribute it to.  Now, you may not have been using a slow, bloated ‘premium’ theme like the one I was using, so your results may vary.  But the one thing I guarantee is this, these are some of the fastest themes available as rated by GTMetrix.

Here they are, the best fast loading WordPress themes around.

That’s pretty darned fast.  Of course, the lack of images helps and only 16 requests on the home page is relatively few.  If you value speed over all else, it’s certainly worth a shot.

WooCommerce ready, responsive, fast loading and attractive, I think this theme could do the trick for a lot of writers.

More incredible, fast loading WordPress themes to come very soon.




Home page - Best Selling WP Theme for Online Marketing Experts - SEO WP WordPress Theme Reviews


Home page - Best Selling WP Theme for Online Marketing Experts - SEO WP WordPress Theme Reviews

From the Great White North comes a fast loading, SEO optimized theme called SEO WP.  That’s about as simple and basic a name as you can get and this theme follows through by removing all code bloat so that this theme loads up lightning fast, which is a Google ranking factor.  That’s a really nice thing to have.  Clean, creative andbeautiful, this theme is great for promoting products, for marketing your digital agency and throwing a spotlight on what your company does.

Okay, so, here’s a look at the Pingdom report.

Website speed test WordPress Theme Reviews SEO WP

Very fast indeed.  I love this theme’s flat design, it’s really ideal for online marketing where you want your theme to look good, but not get in the way of your content.  SEO WP is full responsive, it’s easy to customize it and the code is immaculate.  Compatible with Facebook, Gravity Forms, Easy Digital Downloads, WooCommerce, Foundation…the list goes on an on.

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