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Pile, Sophisticated FullScreen Artistic Portfolio Theme

If you’re looking to get silly, you better go back to from where you came.

However, if you’re looking to get a great looking fullscreen WordPress theme that’s simple, fun and clean cut, with plenty of room for customization, then you may be looking for Pile.  (Boy is that a stupid name.  Check this out, a similar theme I just reviewed the other day called Wisten.)  If you’re looking for a great 100% GPL WordPress theme and you don’t really *mind* a theme with a dumb name, then you may also be in luck.  However, I do have some bad news about this theme.  We’ll get to that in a bit.

Anyway, this portfolio theme is called Pile.  Clean, simple, daring, fun and flexible, creative and unique, Pile is a fantastic template for all kinds of creative types.  Illustrators, photographers, agencies and art galleries.  The Pile theme is built for displaying creative work in a wonderfully professional way, ensuring it gets the reaction you want it to get.

Here’s what the theme developer, elite author Pixel Grade, has to say about their hit portfolio theme.

PILE is a daring, refined and flexible Portfolio WordPress theme which makes it the perfect tool to showcase any kind of creative work. From agencies to art directors, from illustrators to photographers and other daring doers, PILE is the best comrade in the digital journey.

Packed with a unique Project Builder, thanks to the?drag-and-drop interface, creating your portfolio with PILE becomes a simple and intuitive process.

PILE’s design is striking from many points of view: simple, but sophisticated, slick, but meaningful, minimalist, but coherent and structured. Always at a service of a story.

This is what PILE is all about: the right tool to launch a well-crafted portfolio by this weekend. And you know how important is to make things happen, right?

Slick and simple, sophisticated and full of energy, there are a lot of great things to be said about Pile, except the name.  The name sucks.  I suppose in the grand scheme of things, that doesn’t really matter though.

So, I’ve recently started looking at this theme a little bit more in depth.  For one thing, at least right now, Pile costs $225 for a license. Don’t believe me?  Check this out.

An Uncoventional WordPress Portfolio Theme by pixelgrade ThemeForest

Are.  You.  Kidding.  Me?


I mean, it is a GPL theme, which is very nice.  It’s got some solid features, but I don’t really believe that any WordPress theme is worth $225 for a regular license.  You could get a lifetime supply of Elegant Themes for just a tiny bit more than that.  Maybe they’ll come to their senses and reduce the price to something in the realm of reasonable, I’ll keep my eye on it.

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Kalium, Creative Fullscreen WordPress WooCommerce Shop

From the makers of another very popular theme called Aurum, this one is called Kalium.  These theme names sound like Superman’s clumsy, weak, stupid, lazy, relatively powerless cousins or something.  But that has nothing to do with Laborator’s massive hit theme, Kalium.

Kalium is more like Kal El than anything else.

This is one of the most popular themes ever on ThemeForest with over 17000 downloads and counting.  Still going strong after a few years on the market, Kalium is worth a look for professional and creative websites where visual style and stability are what’s needed most.

With support for WooCommerce and really any other eCommerce plugin, Kalium works great as an online shop.  I’m seeing a fashion store, tech store selling cool gadgets or even an SaaS store with digital downloads.

Here’s a look at some of the demo thumbnails.

Kalium WordPress creative theme

Gotta take a look at what the theme developer has to say about Kalium.

Kalium is a creative WordPress theme that will showcase your Portfolio, Agency, Photography, Travel Agency, Corporate, Business, Fitness Center, Restaurant, Medical, Construction, Product Landing page, Education site or your just a Blog, just everything is possible with Kalium. With stacks of layout designs, user-friendly Theme Options and rich Drag and Drop content builder to help create your perfect site in minutes, you can use it as a Multipurpose theme too so you can build whatever you like with this template. Kalium is well organized, visually stunning and constantly evolving through theme updates.

Okay, so a creative theme, nice work.

So, what’s the good and the bad?  Well, I think like all of their themes, Laborator does a wonderful job supporting their themes. I’ve scoured the internet and it’s difficult to find anybody who’s had anything bad to say about these guys.  And there’s not even many complaints about Kalium itself.  I think the 4.91 rating on ThemeForest is a pretty good indicator of the quality of this theme.  Customization is easy, the native WordPress theme options panel is put to good use here.  Anything can be changed with ease, so a custom look for your site is a definite possibility.  Kalium is responsive, retina ready and looks great with high quality HD resolution images.

Then, there’s the eCommerce setup.  It’s simple and looks great.  Have a read…

Create the shopping experience that you have been waiting for without all the bloat! Kalium works very well with industry standard plugin WooCommerce and offers full eCommerce support. It will knock your socks off with its sophisticated abilities and professional layouts made especially for WooCommerce. It features a ton of options for you to give users the ultimate shopping experience.

Good stuff.

Now, the bad.  Visual Composer.  It’s such a slow, terrible plugin.  I hate it.  But, there’s nothing that says you have to use it, right?  Avoid the bloat.  Other bads, they’ve bundled two really, really heavy sliders into the theme.  Revolution and Layer sliders are both massive plugins, too large for most sites in my opinion.  Plenty of other sliders can do the job with way less bloat.

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WideScreen, Fullscreen Photography and Video Portfolio Theme

If you need a website design that does not completely overshadow your pictures, images, artwork, video clips or other posts, then you want a theme like Widescreen that allows your content to shine through, never taking a backseat to the site design.

This really is one of the simplest, most straightforward portfolio themes out there.  Brought to you by Graph Paper Press, Widescreen is easy to use, easy to customize and it’s attractive to look at.  Maybe not the most feature filled theme, it loads fast and the code isn’t bloated at all.

Widescreen, with it is simple and eye-catching feature posts, can really elevate your website to previously unknown levels too, which is always nice.  Widescreen just gets the job done.

Without making itself the center of attention, Widescreen does everything in it is power to ensure your content is the thing people notice because the carefully crafted layout does everything right, without the extra details that some themes have.  Instead, it is your website’s content which is the thing people take notice of.  When you have big, impactful images to show, you don’t want to mess around with overshadowing that content, you want it to shine.  You want people to really take notice.

That happens with Widescreen. – Widescreen(1)

Create webpage templates, add a few widgets like text blocks, subscription forms, pictures and more.   Widescreen is amazingly simple to customize, since every stylistic choice can be made in the Theme Customizer, which is completely integrated into the site.  Want to use a different language than the default English?  Well, you can always translate it into any language you want, which is handy if you’re not catering to an English speaking audience.  You can even add background pictures and custom headers to make the site really look unique.  That makes it straightforward to deliver a web site that feels, looks and acts just like you need it to.

Widescreen is a photography theme for WordPress that features multiple homepage layouts, including a fullscreen slideshow, a homepage video and featured posts.  Ditch your old Flash website for improved SEO results and mobile compatibility.

Now, on to the links.

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Kwoon, Premium Quality FullScreen WordPress Business Theme

Kwoon WordPress Premium eCommerce Theme

Kwoon WordPress Premium eCommerce Theme

For a truly unique website that fulfills each and every one of your needs, the Kwoon WordPress theme may be the smartest choice. What kind of website do you want to have?  If you need a professional, well organized and feature filled theme, Kwoon fits the bill.  Built with sturdy code and the ultra-modern Twitter Bootstrap v3, every page of your site will have highly customizable layout options and design choices to make. Kwoon looks great on everything from a large monitor to a phone’s small screen because it offers fully responsive styling. Not only will look great to site visitors on the go, but it can also be updated that way as well. Post With Images – Kwoon WordPress Theme

The Kwoon WP theme comes with multiple header choices and several different layouts for blog pages, portfolios, galleries and sliders. Full control over color and typography choices gives you the power to create the best style that represents you or your company. Also included is an attractive Ajax header icon, WooCommerce shopping cart system integration for those who wish to sell products online and the ability to crop and edit photos and other graphics in the website interface itself. All these features and more can be dragged and dropped into place using the popular Visual Composer plug-in, which can transform a design headache into a quick and enjoyable experience.

Kwoon is a flat and responsive WordPress Theme with a clean and professional design which will be a great solution for your business, portfolio, blog or any other purpose website. Kwoon was built with awesome Twitter Bootstrap v3 and it loads of page builder elements pages with unlimited color options. Since it is responsive, the layout will adapt to different screen sizes which will make your website be compatible with any device such as smart phones, tablets or desktop computers.

Let’s have a gander at some of the key features offered by Kwoon.

WooCommerce Support – Kwoon supports WooCommerce, absolutely.  The theme makers have created a wonderful set of styling for WooCommerce, and a bunch of custom goodies, from beautiful AJAX updating cart icon in the header.  Aw yeah, that’s neat!

Custom Image Cropping – If you’re sick and tired of not being able to choose the crop area of your featured images? No more, that’s a feature Kwoon is proud to offer.  You have absolute control over where your featured images crop.

Visual Composer Included, Free! – Everyone’s favourite page builder included.


So, that’s what they have to say about it.  I love a well supported theme, so that’s key for me.  Lots of themes look great, have tons of great features and all that, but if you can’t get help when you run into an issue, then what good does it do you?  That’s what I want to know.  Anyhow, let’s look at some more beautiful images from the demo.

Kwoon MultiPurpose WordPress Theme

WordPress Magazine Themes, Online Journals and Newspapers Layout – Blog 1 – Kwoon WordPress Theme

Some of Kwoon’s Biggest, Key Features

  • WP 4.4++ ready & 4.5+ ready & 4.8+ ready
  • One Click Demo Install
  • Amazing Visual Composer Included
  • Lightning Fast
  • Fully Localized and Translation Ready
  • Flat design
  • 100% Fully Responsive
  • Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1
  • Parallax effect
  • 3 Homepage layouts, unlimited possibilities
  • Retina-ready graphics and icons
  • SEO-friendly
  • Fancybox ($19 value)
  • Pricing Table ($4 value)
  • Portfolio posts types
  • Filterable portfolio
  • Google Fonts
  • Rich styling options
  • Contact form 7 ready
  • Gravity Forms Ready
  • Help documentation
  • jQuery enhanced
  • Cross browser compatibility

Here’s a lovely boxed layout for blogs. – Boxed Classic Blog – Kwoon WordPress Theme

So, there you have it.  Kwoon.  Let us know what you think about it.


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Full Frame, Widescreen WordPress Photography Portfolio Theme

Full Frame is a WordPress theme that really takes advantage of the full width of your reader’s browser, allowing your images to take center stage, capturing the attention of your potential clients and readers. Full Frame showcases big images, big galleries and even videos with ease. That allows you to create a visual story that your viewers will really have a strong connection with and hopefully, it can even help to build your photography business. It’s a tough, competitive market and a well designed theme like Full Frame can help you capture the most of that market.

It’s not really suitable as a blog theme though, I’ve got to admit.  So if you’re looking for a personal blog, check out this collection.

You’ll probably want a theme that is very easy to customize, even for a beginner.  That’s Full Frame and, frankly, any of GraphPaper Press’ themes.  You can add background texture tiles or even a full image, add your custom logo and favicon too.  Then, create your custom menus, add content to the widget areas and throw in some text blocks.  The choice is yours.  You can also choose from several post formats, like images and image galleries or audio and video.  Quotes and links too.  And if you know you need a responsive theme, and for most purposes you really should have a responsive design since they allow you to deliver a wonderful user experience no matter what screen resolution your readers use to access your site, then Full Frame is a wonderful choice, since it’s perfectly responsive.


And there it is, the basics of Full Frame, which could be great for any sort of photography portfolio site.  For other full screen themes, try this collection.

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Awesome, Clear and Highly Navigable Photo Portfolio Theme

Video – Awesome

Simply styled, clear in navigation, powerful and flexible, but simple and subtle, that’s what GraphPaper Press had in mind when they created Awesome, a minimal portfolio and slideshow theme for WordPress. GraphPaper Press is sort of known for their minimalist designs, ones that make the images the absolute focus of every page.  This is definitely not the theme for you if you’re looking for a typography centered theme, this is all about the images.  Awesome will help you showcase your talents, whether you’re an artist, a photographer or a designer, any sort of creative business will benefit from the well thought out design presented in this awesome theme.  The simple design of this theme makes it easy to make a great first impression as your readers see your page for the first time.  The bold, striking images and simple navigation combine to really wow an audience and there’s no reason for them to leave once they get drawn in. – Awesome

Awesome is a fantastic looking responsive theme too, so no matter the kind of computer your users access the site with, it’ll look amazing.  From Androids and iPhones to iPads or Nexus tablets, up to any sort of laptop or desktop computer, they’ll all display your site the precise way you want it to be displayed.  There will be no guessing whether you’re delivering a great user experience, it’ll be guaranteed.  Awesome is very easy to customize, with header and footers easily swapped out.  There’s a simple process to upload your company’s logo and favicon too.  The powerful widgetized areas are ultimately customizable and there’s really no sort of content you can’t add with ease.

For the rest of the GraphPaper Press themes, follow this link.

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Etudes, Fullscreen WordPress Photography Portfolio Gallery

etudes wordpress full screen photography theme

The premium photography WordPress theme – Etudes was explicitly built to display all works of photography that doesn’t seem to deviate from the actual imagery. Whether you an enthusiast doing photography just for fun or you are an expert doing photography to make a living, you are sure to find this gorgeous design as a perfect solution.

In Etudes, you can represent your photos in the best way possible, thanks to its numerous photo galleries that allow for that. You can also choose to share your location on any of the contact page layouts and upload an unlimited amount of content into the journal section.

If you are seeking to have a full-fledged photographer’s portfolio, then you need Etudes. This premium quality photography WordPress theme is not only built with a gorgeous design but enhanced with a stylish photo gallery.

Find a great way to impress your visitors whenever they get on your web site by selecting any of the 5 appealing homepage layouts offered by the theme. You can also choose to get your photography works displayed in Fullscreen, Masonry, Grid and in many other modes of presentation through various variants of photo page layouts.

To allow for the detailed, full and clear display of information, a wide variety of web-page layouts are available for sharing. Even your latest works can be effectively featured on the theme and help you keep in touch with your customers and visitors; share the story of how your works were created while seeking to build a stellar reputation within your community.

Designed and built with all the important features and trendy interface any photographer would desire, Etudes photography wp theme provides excellent solutions needed for the showcasing of your photos. The brand new theme from ThemeForest comes very handy with different types of galleries to choose from such as kenburns, ribbon, flow etc.

As a photographer, you will be faced a dilemma on which of its 5 pre-designed homepages will be suitable for your work. Of course, any of its professional homepages will be appropriate, however, it is recommended to firstly import demo content before going ahead to select and customize any of its homepages for your needs.

Rather than starting from the scratch which is time wasting, it is better to spend quality time selecting the best appealing photos from your portfolio and ensuring that they represent your skills to the fullest ability.

Additionally, you will find an exciting bunch of features on Etudes such as high-speed loading, advanced typography, clean code, SEO optimized, easy color management, isotope support, 100% responsive, PSD file inclusive etc. With these, you are sure to enjoy a quality product and more services such as regular updates, support, and documentation. So do not hesitate to get started to enjoy these benefits.

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Expo is a minimalist, horizontal scrolling WordPress theme for creative individuals who want a splash page style layout and the skill to highlight their content in style, no matter what type of site content they must offer.  Expo uses the entire width of the page to showcase your images, that produces a really wonderful impact on your readers, because if you select the proper image, it can be a breathtaking effect.  WordPress Business Themes, Small Businesses, Corporate, Entrepreneurs

Expo is a completely open  and responsive theme, which is essentially compulsory in the current marketplace, since responsive WordPress portfolio themes make your content look great on any size device. Yes, responsive templates look amazing on any screen size and any device, which means your readers can access your website on the go from mobile phones or tablet computers, and at home or work with desktop computer or a notebook. Size really doesn’t matter.  You actually must have that flexibility if you want to compete, since Google values responsive themes over non-responsive offerings. Also, you can sell any sort of products on your very own market, because Expo has full integration with the Sell Media plugin and WooCommerce too. Sell Media is not only for photography files, you can also sell PDF files and sound, ensuring they are shielded from theft, allowing you to sell downloads on your website. That is a good business model.  Expo has all the tools you need to make a truly wonderful business and portfolio site.

WordPress Parallax Themes, Smooth Scrolling, One Page and Creative Portfolios

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Ink, Bold, Big Impact Blogging Theme for WordPress – Just another Codestag Themes site

Ink is a WordPress theme that has been around for quite some time now. It is compatible with any version of WordPress. For bloggers who want to share their stories in such a way that it grabs attention, Ink theme will definitely be the best choice. The developers of this theme stopped at nothing in ensuring that Ink theme stands out from the rest. Ink theme comes with pictures and a well-designed homepage on which you can add lots of portfolio items.

This theme is ideal for artists and designers who want to take advantage of the internet in promoting their works. Everything you need to make life easy for you when blogging, is contained in Ink. Ink has lots of short codes that help make your blog very responsive. For a more stunning look, it has elements of typography that improves the look of your blog. If your aim is to make money while blogging, Ink has all the plugins you need when billing your readers.

So, Ink is still a going concern, so I’ve decided to add a little something something to this review.  I really have nothing to add, it’s still a great looking theme and I still highly recommend it.

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Scalia, Full Screen App Theme for WordPress Businesses Just another WordPress site

Scalia is a fun, fancy new WordPress theme that functions nicely for both simple blogs and wide reaching, sprawling company sites. Its flexibility and ton of attributes help it stand out from the entire crowd while putting the focus in your content, which is precisely where it ought to be. But let’s face it, this is mostly an applications theme.  That’s where  Scalia really excels.

I mean, without your content, your site won’t attract visitors.  Without visitors, you won’t make any money.  Without money, you can’t buy any cats and cats are what make the world go around.  Cats power the internet. Administrators can choose an one page layout or build websites with multiple pages with various layouts and arrangements. Use one, use dozens.  Do what you like.  Position them wherever you desire to utilize their power and fashionably beautiful look. Every page offers fully customizable sidebar options that are lovely and talented with drag and drop widget inclusion as well.  So far, so good with Scalia. Quickfinders Scalia WP Theme

The absolute variety of widgets included with this WordPress theme helps you create a website that is unique. They comprise contact info blocks and side navigation, submenus, text blocks that are abundant, graphic diagrams, project information, employee biographies or teams and custom icons as well. Parallax scrolling is available on the total-width page layouts. These styles that are broader work well for landing pages and pages that demand lots of graphical presentation. Boxed design is also offered by Scalia. Any pages can be edited for unique color blends, background images and other stylistic choices. Add in video or photograph sliders and the look of your site just keeps getting better.

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